Monday 20 October

Designers are storytellers, mapping experts, explorers. Because design is for people. They use it in their daily life, they marvel at it, or they talk about it. The design has to appeal to them. So, how does the designer do that? How does he gather facts? What tools and methods does he use? And how does he bring that across in the actual project?

In today’s round table discussion Danielle talks to graduates, lecturers, alumni and researches about the tools of a designer. Empathy, journalism, storytelling, knowledge: all words often heard in the realm of design.

Monica Alisse, Design Academy alumnus graduated last year with her Mapping Malala project. She is intrigued by the crossovers between journalism and design. She has her own exhibition during DDW called Design and Journalism.

The reporters ask graduates and visitors about their associations with design tools. What is mapping? What is empathy and how does it serve the designer. As one of the graduates says: the word tool might be the most common word within the walls of Design Academy.

Sunday 19 October

Champagne connects

Mind the Step, the Graduation Show, Sense Non Sense and Hidden Treasures; Radio Emma visited the openings of various design exhibitions in Eindhoven on the first day of the Dutch Design week.

It turned out that champagne christenings were not the only commonality between the shows. Mind the Step is a collaborative effort of the three Technical Universities in the Netherlands (Eindhoven, Twente, Eindhoven). Olle Ludin questioned Daan van Eijk from Delft University of Technology, who explains how they tried to unite technology, research and design with the aim to increase the power of innovation in the Netherlands. He stresses the importance of collaboration; of course there is also healthy competition between the three Universities but they also all realise that they become more powerful when they unite forces.

Thomas Widdershoven, curator of both the Graduation Show of Design Academy Eindhoven and the Sense Nonsense expo at Van Abbe, is also looking for new connections. The Sense Nonsense expo, set up by the Van Abbe Museum and Design Academy Eidhoven shows sense-cal and nonsensical projects by alumni of Design Academy. Among them, Maarten Baas showing his design circus and acknowledged artists and designers like Wim T Schippers presenting a bumped taxi. Nicoletta reports a big salad of smells, humongous vegetables and lots of noise.

Olle also visits Oscar Tomico, key person in the network of smart textile networks who is knitting and weaving new collaborations in the Temporary Art Centre.

Finally Kim jumps on a drinking tour finding out how wine, beer and champagne bubbles connect designers and mere mortals alike.

Pre-opening Graduation Show 2014

Checking stress levels - and music preferences - at the building site

EMMA is back!

In this pre-opening show EMMA is doing a bit of research on Dutch Design Week and Graduation Show. Also, the reporters are curious and caring. How is everybody doing? Especially, the manager of the building team, Mark van der Gronden? He seems very relaxed for someone who likes to wake up with Missy Elliott. Who is this guy and what is he doing here? Listen to the first EMMA jingles….and be delighted!

RADIO EMMA & READERSHIP on the 4th floor

Curious to listen in to Thomas Widdershoven and Tonny Holtrust liken lunch preparation to design education? Or Rossana Orlandi’s thoughts on the Salone? Intrigued by visitors footwear choice to Dutch Design Week? Radio EMMA will be there to stir up the discussion.

This student radio channel provokes, amuses and presents facts and figures in a designerly way. Launching during last years Dutch Design Week and part of the Salone del Mobile in Milan, she is now back in all her glory at the graduation show with daily episodes. Alongside the Readership Strategic Creativity at Design Academy Eindhoven there will be daily recorded brunch conversation sessions involving acknowledged design researchers, business developers, scientists and designers. To get involved check our programme via
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EMMA and prosecco!
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Olle toastes to the winners of this year