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DAEnews tweets

TweetId: 512189119175614464 DesignAcademyE DAEnews DAEnews @janboelen brings a critical eye to curating with many DAE participants. Not just design & society but design & life. 17-09-14 10:39
TweetId: 511846442798174208 DesignAcademyE DAEnews DAEnews @DAEnews alumni @StudioJobPR talks to @newyorktimes re his collection of curated objects for Chamber Boutique in NYNY 16-09-14 11:57
TweetId: 511800437885112320 DesignAcademyE DAEnews DAEnews "The Dutch are back in New York" says @newyorktimes claiming funding cuts forced designers to find new markets. 16-09-14 08:55
TweetId: 511789719345463296 DesignAcademyE DAEnews DAEnews Self Unself just opened in Suzhou. A gorgeous show & an enthusiastic audience. Lots of pics up at our Instagram site: 16-09-14 08:12
TweetId: 507141307392094209 DesignAcademyE'hoven retweeted Camron CamronPR CamronPR Great to see Design Academy of E'hoven graduate @dennisparren's CMYK lamps on @larcobaleno_ : 03-09-14 12:21
TweetId: 507141239440166913 DesignAcademyE'hoven retweeted Tracy Metz tracymetznrc tracymetznrc Look mom, no switch! Cool 2-part lamp of graphite by @DAEnews grad @NDatema. to turn it off, take it off. Tnx @dezeen 03-09-14 12:21
TweetId: 507140937277915136 DesignAcademyE'hoven retweeted Bespoke Atelier bespokeapp bespokeapp Two of our fav things - #design & #food - are coming together at prominent design school @DAEnews! 03-09-14 12:19
TweetId: 507140479763628032 DesignAcademyE'hoven retweeted marije vogelzang marijevogelzang marijevogelzang Yesterday we started Food Non Food @DAEnews Great to share the enthusiasm and interest in food and design. Can't wait to see some results. 03-09-14 12:18
TweetId: 507140465586880512 DesignAcademyE'hoven retweeted Peter Glas PCGGlas PCGGlas Vanochtend met AB van @wddommel over bestuursmodel en verkiezingen. Vanmiddag bij @DAEnews over innovaties in waterketen en watersysteem. 03-09-14 12:18
TweetId: 495132090581528576 DesignAcademyE DAEnews DAEnews Beyonce wearing classic (Vlisco designed) African Prints 01-08-14 09:01