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Queen Beatrix (of the Netherlands) opened the exhibition Dutch Design together with the federal president of Germany Joachim Gauck at Oranienbaum palace last Wednesday April 25.

The exhibition is from April 26th till September 30th (2012). Oranienbaum Palace is hosting an exhibition of contemporary Dutch Design and fashion in combination with historical artefacts from the Dutch Royal Archives. The exhibition features work by designers and DAE alumni Sabine Marcelis, Carolina Wilcke, De Intuitie Fabriek, Marly Gommans, Studio WM, Lotte de Raadt, Paul Heijnen, Sophie Duran, Mieke Meijers, Gijs Bakker, Hella Jongerius, Jurgen Bey, Piet Hein Eek and Scholten & Baijings. Oranienbaum is part of the heritage of the House of Orange-Nassau. With a major conservation and refurbishment process nearing completion, the palace and its park have been restored to their former grandeur.

Visitors are invited to explore the Palace and admire the beauty of the Dutch design scene. More information

Television program ‘Blauw Bloed’ of the Dutch broadcaster EO gave a lot of attention about this opening. Watch the video below:

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Author: DAEnews
Published: 01-May-2012 14:25


Official News
  • Royal opening Oranienbaum

    Vases ordered by colour - Hella Jongerius

  • Royal opening Oranienbaum

    Oraniembaum palace

  • Royal opening Oranienbaum

    Queen Beatrix at Dutch Design

  • Royal opening Oranienbaum

    Oranienbaum palace

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