Michelle Baggerman


Michelle Baggerman (1985) is a Research Associate in the CRISP (Creative Industry Scientific Research Programme) team at DAE.

She studied at Design Academy Eindhoven with the Man & Leisure department where she graduated at the end of 2009 with 'Precious Waste' a project where she explored the extreme low-tech side of textile, using plastic bags as a raw material with a 'research through design' approach. She will now research the opposite side where textiles meet high technology in the Smart Textile Services (STS) project.


Hands-on with smart-textiles!

Michelle Baggerman, 08-04-2013
If you're a student at Design Academy Eindhoven, learning with your hands is as common as all-nighters before assessments and sandwiches at the Z-...

Open design spaces kick off at V2_

Michelle Baggerman, 30-11-2012
Tinkering and tailoring with textiles and technology is what a group of students from Design Academy Eindhoven and Eindhoven University of Technology ...

Workshop Beta Textiles: fabric and code

Michelle Baggerman, 27-06-2012
  On Friday the 29th of June, the CRISP STS team is hosting a workshop on Beta-Textiles in collaboration with V2, De Waag and Audax Textiel Muse...

CRISP in Milan

Michelle Baggerman, 26-04-2012
Almost the entire CRISP team visited Milan last week to take part in the Breakfast Talks and show a bit of our work in progress to an audience looking...

Making Lace

Michelle Baggerman, 09-03-2012
I like learning new things. I like learning things that are a bit complicated, but don't need to be mastered before you can experiment with them. ...

Hypercrafting Fashion Workshop at De Waag Society

Michelle Baggerman, 30-01-2012
  Even before officially starting my RA at the Design Academy I was invited to participate in a workshop at De Waag Fablab by my CRISP team m...