12 JANUARY 2015 - 30 APRIL 2015



Designers, curators and theorists work in a world in flux. They are faced with complex themes that cannot be reduced to readily solvable design problems. More and more they will be crossing the boundaries of their disciplines, while the themes they work on deserve the critical view of well-informed creative minds. The Master course at Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE) offers students the tools needed to research and analyze complex situations, and develop personal views on possible interventions, both to improve their individual design, or design theory, practice and to create (multidisciplinary) collaborations with others.

The Master course is an English spoken two year full time programme. In order to attend one of the Master programs you must first pass a selection of the applications. For more information concerning the Master departments vision and content, please visit our website:


The Masters application procedure for the academic year 2015-16 consists of two important steps:

1. Review of creative portfolio, video and motivation letter
No fees are requested for this step in the application procedure.

2. Interview with department head and team of mentors
Applicants who are positively reviewed during step one, will be invited for an interview. After the interview the applicant will hear whether he/she is accepted or put on the waiting list. After the applicant hears whether he/she is accepted, he/she needs to finalize his/her acceptance in the programme by payment of the pre-deposit.


The minimum requirement for new Master students is a completed course at Bachelor level, which is specialised in design, architecture, art or science.


For the study year 2015-2016 the application procedure opens on January 12 2015, and closes on April 30 2015.

We apply the ‘first in’ policy: the sooner you apply in the year, the earlier you will know if you are selected for an interview and after you will hear if you are accepted in the course. (By example: if you send in a complete application before February 2015, you will be part of the first round of interviews, etc.) The interviews will be scheduled in February, March and April at the Design Academy Eindhoven.

January   12  2015      Application procedure open

February  2015              Interviews

March       2015              Interviews

April          2015              Interviews

April        30  2015      Application procedure closed



Only when you uploaded all your documents and filled in the application procedure completely, you will receive a confirmation of your application. All forms must be complete. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

1. Application form
The application form holds general contact and personal information, your working experience and previous education and information about the financial support you will have for your studies.

2. Valid copy of your passport

3. Digital portrait picture of you

4. Digital upload of your Bachelor degree
Or students who are graduating later in the year 2015 must upload a certificate, issued by the Board of Exams of the educational institution, reporting that you are regularly enrolled for the bachelor level exam and the exam date.

5. English sufficiency test:
a. Applicants who do not speak English as mother language will be requested to provide evidence of their English level. The English certificates required can be also sent after the interview date.
b. Applicants who do not have English as mother language but they did attend a study in an English speaking country during the last two years, can present a certificate from their school stating their language level, instead of the language certificate.

6. Curriculum Vitae / Resume
Practical details: please use a pdf format. Make sure that you reduce the pdf file size before you upload the document.
Upload an updated version of your work resume.

7. Motivation letter
The motivation letter is a statement describing your motivations and expectations concerning the studies at Design Academy Eindhoven you wish to apply for, including your professional expectations after completion of your studies. Also mention some topics that you would like to research as thesis proposal for your second year.

8. One minute introduction movie
Practical details: you can only upload a movie as MP4 format through the following browsers: google, firefox, Explorer, Google+, Safari and IOS.
Upload a one minute movie in which you introduce yourself to the selection team. Who are you, what kind of designer are you, why do you want to study at the masters etc.

9. Digital Portfolio
Practical details: please use a pdf format with both pictures and text. Make sure that you reduce the pdf file size before you upload the document.
The purpose of the portfolio is to show a selection of your work, interests and fascinations. It should reflect who you are as creative person, your position in the (design) world and your vision. We ask you to prepare a slide show were you can include images of your concepts and products, experiences of research, design-related or not. Sketches, unfinished or conceptual work can also be included in the portfolio. In this presentation you must also include a max.5 minutes video where you state your motivation to apply for the Master program.


  • Register through Studielink: to confirm your intentions to start in the 2015-2016 academic year of the Masters education.
  • Students who are accepted have to pay a pre-deposit on the tuition fees of € 500 within 10 workdays from their acceptance date. Only after the deposit is paid, their place in the course is guaranteed.
  • Students who are accepted will receive detailed information and guidelines on visa preparation by email.
  • Students who are accepted but for a serious reason need to defer a year (meaning they will not be able to start their studies in September 2015) must notify the Master Office by email, before May 31st, 2015. In case of late cancellation (later than May 31st 2015) you will lose your € 500 tuition fee deposit.
  • We will need to receive a certified copy of your Bachelor degree, issued by the educational institution that awarded your undergraduate degree (bachelor level). If you are not sure about the validity of your diploma you can contact Nuffic ( in order to check if your title can be certified as bachelor diploma. Students who are graduating later in the year 2015 must bring a certificate, issued by the Board of Exams of the educational institution, reporting that you are regularly enrolled for the bachelor level exam and the exam date.
  • For Chinese students it is mandatory to deliver the language certificates, this is a NUFFIC regulations. It is a requirement to have a good knowledge of the English language in order to be able to clearly communicate with your mentors and in order to develop and write your thesis research. If your English is not fluent you will have to consider to delay your application till you have been developed the level required


Dutch and other EU citizens: € 1.951,00 a year

Non-EU students: € 13.460,00 a year

Academy fund: € 105,00

Administration costs:  € 35,00

The academy has a tuition structure based on nationality, as mandated by the Dutch government. Each school year the tuition fee will be adjusted/indexed.

We can give the following estimate of additional living costs for a single student in Eindhoven, based on a moderate lifestyle:

Rent & public utilities*  € 600 a month
Food  € 400 a month
Books, other study materials  € 250 a month
Transportation  € 100 a month
Other expenses  € 300 a month



For any further question please mail to