Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE) is looking for a creative director

We’re looking for a visionary and inspiring leader with great motivational skills, but we’d like to be more specific than that. The purpose of this job is to ensure a bright future for the Academy, and for all of its students. Let’s at least think 25 years ahead. No less.

What are we hoping for?
We are looking for someone with a fresh perspective on the future of design and on the Academy. Not for a new boss, but for a leader with a sharp mind and a generous heart who can organize diversity around a clear sense of direction. You will need to challenge people, nurture a stimulating environment for their creativity and develop new directions with them. This is an internal as well as an external issue: staff, free-lancers and external networks will all need to work together to propel the Academy into the 21st Century. Coherence and clarity of ideas need follow up in organization, communication and partnerships.

Sounds interesting? Read on.