The Supervisory Board is a legally required, independently appointed supervisor over the Executive Board of Design Academy Eindhoven.
The Supervisory Board appoint the members of the Executive Board, it approves the budget and the annual statement of accounts. In addition, the Supervisory Board oversees the standards of the academy’s management and the education it offers. In doing so, it applies to the Dutch Governance Code (Branchecode Governance), which is a system of basic principles and rules with regard to good and adequate management and supervision. The Supervisory Board also acts as a sounding board for the Executive Board.

The Design Academy Eindhoven Supervisory Board consists of six members.

Gitta Luiten - Chair
Date of birth: 01.09.1968
Position: consultant LawsonLuiten /artistic director Farm of the World

Auxiliary positions:
-director Priona Gardens
-member City council Hardenberg
-chair supervisory board BAK

Marianne Tijssen – Secretary
Date of birth: 24.04.1957
Position: CFO Five Degrees Holding BV

Auxiliary positions:
-non executive board member cooperative society Unive U.A.
-chair board of commissioners Unive Schade/Her

Geertje Pruijsers – Member
Date of birth: 15.04.1966
Position: Director marketing communications Antea Group

Auxiliary positions:
-Chair of the Casade arbitration board
-Member of the fine arts committee municipality Best

Dick Rijken - Member
Date of birth: 10.04.1962
Position: director STEIM

Auxiliary positions: Lector IT & Society The Hague University

Paul Scholte – Member
Date of birth: 05.06.1957
Position: Board member court of appeal ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Auxiliary positions:
-member supervisory board Centrum voor de Kunsten, Eindhoven
-assistant to the political group of D66 in Eindhoven city council

Paul Depla – Member
Date of birth: 17.04.1965
Position: Mayor city of Breda, the Netherlands

Auxiliary positions:
-chairman foundation “Jongeren op Gezond Gewicht”
-treasurer foundation Anti-Doping Authority the Netherlands

Supervisory Board retirement schedule

Supervisory Board Members are appointed for a period of four years and may be reappointed immediately upon expiry of this term for a second term. Therefore, as a rule, no member of the Board is entitled to serve longer than eight years consecutively. The Works Council is entitled to nominate one candidate for the Supervisor Board.
To ensure a smooth transition, members of the Supervisory Board resign according to a predetermined retirement schedule.

Marianne Tijssen Joined May 2009
  Reappointed May 2013
  Retiring May 2017
Geertje Pruijsers Joined November 2012
  To be reappointed November 2016
  Retiring November 2020
Gitta Luiten Joined November 2012
  To be reappointed November 2016
  Retiring November 2020
Paul Scholte Joined March 2015
  To be reappointed March 2019
  Retiring March 2023
Dick Rijken Joined March 2015
  To be reappointed March 2019
  Retiring March 2023
Paul Depla Joined January 2017
  To be reappointed January 2021
  Retiring January 2025