What is the Supervisory Board and what does it do?

The Supervisory Board is a legally required, independently appointed supervisor over the Executive Board and the Stichting Design Academy Eindhoven.
The Supervisory Board is the body which appoints the members of the Executive Board, it draws up the budget, and must approve the annual statement of accounts. In addition, the Supervisory Board oversees the standards of the academy’s management and the education it offers. In doing so it applies the so-called Governance Code, which is a  system of basic principles and rules with regard to good and adequate management. Lastly, the Supervisory Board also acts as a sounding board for the Executive Board.

The Design Academy Eindhoven Supervisory Board comprises five members. Members are appointed for a period of four years and may be reappointed immediately upon expiry of this term for a second or third term respectively. Therefore, as a rule, no member of the Board is entitled to serve longer than twelve years consecutively. To ensure a smooth transition, members of the Supervisory Board resign according to a predetermined retirement schedule (see below).
The central Works Council is entitled to nominate one candidate to the Supervisory Board.
The DAE Supervisory Board comprises the following five members:

Jan Wolter Wabeke - Chairman

- Member of The Hague Court of Appeal
- Deputy Justice at the Amsterdam Court of Appeal
- Deputy Judge at the District Court of 's-Hertogenbosch

Auxiliary positions:
- Member of the Supervisory Board of Catharina Hospital Eindhoven
- Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Het Blauwe Fonds (‘The Blue Fund’ promoting gay and lesbian emancipation)

Onno Hoes - Vice Chairman

- Mayor of Maastricht

Auxiliary positions:
- Member of the Permanent Scouting Committee for the Dutch political party VVD
- Chairman of the Board for the Centre for Information and Documentation on Israel (CIDI)
- Chairman of the Netherlands National Arbor Day Foundation
- Chairman of the task force on sport and exercise in the neighbourhood

Marianne Tijssen - Secretary

CFO Five Degrees Holding BV

Auxiliary positions:

Gitta Luiten (per 07/12/2012)
(Also nominated by the Works Council)

- Director Mondriaan Foundation
- Acting Director (a.i.) Premsela

Geertje Pruijsers (per 07/12/2012)

- Communications Manager at Woonbedrijf

Auxiliary positions:
- Member of the Casade arbitration board
- Member of the grievance committee for 'Woonruimteverdeling Wonen Bommelerwaard'
- Member of the fine arts commitee municipality Best


Supervisory Board retirement schedule

Jan Wolter Wabeke  Joined                                 December 2003

                                 Reappointed                        December 2007

                                 Reappointed (as chairman) October 2009          

                                 To be reappointed               October 2013                                                                                                                 

                                 Retiring                                October 2017   


Onno Hoes               Joined                                 June 2008

                                 To be reappointed               June 2012

                                 To be reappointed               June 2016

                                 Retiring                                June 2020


Marianne Tijssen      Joined                                 May 2009

                                 To be reappointed               May 2013

                                 To be reappointed               May 2017

                                 Retiring                                May 2021


Gitta Luiten               Joined                                 December 2012               

                                 To be reappointed               December 2016

                                 To be reappointed               December 2020

                                 Retiring                                December 2024


Geertje Pruijsers       Joined                                 December 2012

                                 To be reappointed               December 2016

                                 To be reappointed               December 2020

                                 Retiring                                December 2024