EMMA brings you the sounds captured within our Graduation Show. In a 20-minute radio show broadcast daily, you will be able to pick up sounds from the 4th and 5th floor and listen in on talks from graduates, visitors and other interesting people.

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EMMA reports

Photo's: Wineke van Muiswinkel Photo's: Wineke van Muiswinkel ..
Photo's: Wineke van Muiswinkel Photo's: Wineke van Muiswinkel Alissa Rees

Alissa is singing the blues...

Alissa Rees sings "I'm a designer" at Emma radio studio from Design Academy Eindhoven on Vimeo.

Video by Wineke van Muiswinkel. Tom Loois is recording. Alissa is a current student at DAE, Tom a great alumnus.


Jingle: Tom Loois

Welcome to the show


FRIDAY 25 OCT at 11:30 hrs:

EMMA radio is going to cook with two chefs of Design Academy:
Thomas Widdershoven, Chairman Executive Board / Creative Director
Tonny Holtrust, Member Executive Board / Director Education

Special Guests: Ann Linn Palm Hansen, Matthijs Holland and Niek Pulles!

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