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28 March - This is Service Design Thinking: Research Tools!
Marc Stickdorn & Alex Zakkas & Jonathan Wray

Suddenly they became buzzwords, Service Design and Design Thinking. But what is Service Design Thinking? That simple question drove Marc Stickdorn to write a book. This is Service Design Thinking outlines the new methodology and explains its background, process and tools, such as blueprints, customer journeys and stakeholder maps. Marc Stickdorn works at the Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) in Austria, where he lectures on service design and innovation. He is also co-founder of Destinable, an association of DesignThinkers.

The lecture is followed by a talk by interaction designer Alex Zakkas & CRISP research associate Jonathan Wray. Zakkas is a curious observer of human activities. He is keen on public art and researching wrong approaches. With his project Modes of Use he collected objects designed to be misused, abused, re-purposed or re-invented to question our daily use and habits.

Jonathan Wray graduated from the master department with a research on phobias. He is currently a research associate for a CRISP project run by KLM, the Design Academy Eindhoven and the Technical University of Delft, where he is researching passengers’ emotions during long flights. The project seeks to map these emotions and use this information to design in-flight experiences that help passengers to stay energised during  their travels.


The White Lady programme focuses on the cultural, social and economical context of design with monthly lectures, debates and talks. The programme presents acknowledged design thinkers and makers from in and outside the design discipline. The aim is to explore how design is related to societal developments and vice versa.

The programme is compulsory for bachelor students and open to the public (students have to attend at least 8 lectures).
The public can register for individual parts of the programme at:
Press or questions concerning content contact:

Location: Designhuis, Stadhuisplein 3, Eindhoven
Time: All lectures start at 15.30 pm till 17.00 pm
Admission: Free; please register at
Language: English

Published: 21-Mar-2012 12:30


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  • Lecture Stickdorn, Zakkas and Wray

    Modes of Use by Alex Zakkas

  • Lecture Stickdorn, Zakkas and Wray


  • Lecture Stickdorn, Zakkas and Wray

    Alex Zakkas

  • Lecture Stickdorn, Zakkas and Wray

    Marc Stickdorn

  • Lecture Stickdorn, Zakkas and Wray

    Jonathan Wray

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