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DAE graduate Kyra Meilink has set up her own studio in just under one year. At the moment she already has one of her graduation projects in production, with the other close behind. Kyra says: I mostly create concepts and products inspired by daily problems as well as global issues. I am always trying to find realistic and optimistic solutions designed in a minimalistic and playful way.” has interviewed Kyra Meilink. Read the interview here.

Graduate project of Kyra: SEC

SEC is a collection of transformable raincoats, which goes into production next week. Parading around while riding your bike in the rain: it is possible. Kyra Meilink combines functionality with elegance in SEC, a series of stylish coats that can be transformed into practical rainwear in just one second. The front can be partially zipped from the back, allowing the cyclist to hang his coat over the handlebars to stay dry. The hood has been made in such a way that you can still look over your shoulder safely; the material is watertight and breathable. When the weather clears, you simply zip up the sides and your coat once again becomes your ‘ordinary’ but beautiful coat.


Published: 27-Mar-2012 12:55


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    Kyra Meilink

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