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This is an English summary of the Dutch article 'Eggenkamp verbaasd over besluit', which was published today in the regional news paper Eindhovens Dagblad.

Eggenkamp surprised about decision

The Executive Board of Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE) took notice of the decision of the three Master department heads to resign immediately, with a huge surpise.
"We have given them trust, apparently they haven't experienced that," responds Anne Mieke Eggenkamp, Chair Executive Board of the academy. "We are responsible for our 700 students and employees and we take that responsability. I understand that the emotions of the heads are a result of great commitment. But this unexpected resign surprised us, especially the way in which they choose to leave. These people had the responsibility for 35 current and 70 new Master students. I find it very strange to drop that responsibility from one day to the next. Especially since two weeks ago, the Master heads pronounced their commitment according to the renewals. Apparently something happened in the last two weeks, although I have no idea what that might be."

Jan Wolter Wabeke, Chairman of the DAE Supervisory Board, regrets the affair and ranges himself completely to the side of the Executive Board. He calls the statements of the three left department heads 'partly incorrect, unnecessarily damaging and incomprehensible, if at the same time they confess their love for the academy.' According to Wabeke, the three heads have not previously contacted the Supervisory Board. "It's a shame that these heads, before I had a chance to talk to them, rant like this."

'DAE has to adapt to the changing world we live in'

A special academy such as Design Academy Eindhoven, could use some 'education support', says Anne Mieke Eggenkamp. "The days of one figurehead who decides everything, are over", she declares. "When Lidewij Edelkoort left the academy, she organized the leadership different because she already saw that the structure needed to be changed. Moreover, the current education programme is 25 years old and over the years has grown into a very unclear system. Two years ago, we started the process of renewing our education. As an academy, we are forced to addapt to these times in which the world is rapidly changing.  This requires other skills of designers, which means we have to hire people with different skills to train and educate them."

'Board is doing a good job'

Axel Enthoven, former head of the Bachelor department Man and Mobility, stands 100% behind the education renewal plans of the current Executive Board. "This August I'm turning 65 so I had to retire, but otherwise I would love to cooperate to the execution of the new education plans. The problem is that new students simply don't have enough knowledge of materials and products, and don't have an eye for the wishes of the trade and industry."
According to Enthoven, Eggenkamp follows with her plans exactly the direction which her predecessor Edelkoort has set.


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Published: 10-Jul-2012 13:38


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    Master Department Design Academy Eindhoven

  • Chairwoman comments on resign

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  • Chairwoman comments on resign

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