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Friday February 8th, third year students of the Compass department Market of DAE, gave their final presentation at Forbo Flooring in Asseldelft. The students worked in teams, to see if the synergy of their joined effort really would add value to the question Forbo Flooring asked them in the beginning.

Six groups presented their vision on how a company like Forbo Flooring can elaborate their brand and stretch their values to meet the requirements of the future. PURE, Deux Dots, Unscrew, Studio weekend, Crest and Swealt pitched. And in the end we had a winner...

Forbo Flooring was positivally surprised by all the contributions. The leading concept from the team Deux Dots called "Connected" was evaluated as the best concept that was: scalable, very open and had a lot of opportunities! Forbo Flooring will see how and at what stage this new approach can become important.

DAE is thankfull for this valuable relationship with Forbo Flooring. This project most definite had impact on the developement of these students. The relation with the industry is key for DAE, that's why we treasure our Circle of Friends.

Published: 15-Feb-2013 10:14


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