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Design Academy Eindhoven's 126 new and upcoming talents are presenting their work during Dutch Design Week 2013, There are some novelties in this edition of the Graduation Show: there is a clearly defined theme, Self Unself. Also, this theme is being researched at another location in the city: the Van Abbemuseum. In both venues, creative director Thomas Widdershoven is asking visitors to explore the tensions between ‘I’ and ‘we’ in contemporary design. What is the role of the individual in the work of the latest generation of designers, and how do they value the collective?

Graduation Show

Design Academy Eindhoven graduates are presenting designs to help people: Luc van Hoeckels ‘Single Spark’ offers Ugandan war victims increased independence with a do-it-yourself package to produce things like bread or ointments. Other projects show much more of its designer's identity. Willem van Doorn has returned to the farm where he grew up to explore the possibilities for generating energy from waste and used materials, and become self-sufficient. It has resulted in ‘Illumination By Digestion’. Every design has its own balance between ‘I’ and ‘we’.

Van Abbemuseum

Thomas Widdershoven has spotted the theme Self Unself not only in the work of graduates, but in other designers as well. The exhibition in the Van Abbemuseum is an interesting addition to the Graduation Show, because it shows how well-known designers reposition themselves. Thomas Widdershoven: "Out of all the work by Hella Jongerius, for instance, I am showing the work she did for KLM, because it marks a venture outside the realm of culture for her. I am curious to find out how much of herself she is sacrificing and how much of herself she is able to retain when working with a client who has such a strong identity.”

Now future passe-partout

This year all visitors are offered a package deal in the form of a Dutch Design Week Now future passe-partout. This ticket gives you entrance to: Designhuis - Klokgebouw - Dutch Design Awards Expo - Graduation Show - Van Abbemuseum. The price of a normal passepartout is €15,-. You can buy your passe-partout at all 5 venues, or online via Dutch Design Week. The link will be available very soon. We will keep you updated!

Buy your online ticket HERE!


This years show will be curated by Jan Konings in direct collaboration with Thomas Widdershoven.
The designers of this years catalogue are Sonje Haller and Pascal Brun (

Graduation Show:
Opening Saturday 19 October 2013: 13:00.
Sunday 19 until Wednesday 23 October: 11:00 - 18:00
Thursday 24 and Friday 25 October: 11:00 - 22:00
Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 October: 11:00 - 18:00

You can find us at The White Lady building situated in the center of Eindhoven.
Two floors packed with talented young designers, that will personally show you their end-results.

Exhibit Vanabbe:
Opening Saturday 19 October 2013: 16:00
Saturday 19 until Sunday 27 October: 11:00 - 18:00
Regular opening hours after Dutch Design Week.

The entrance prices Graduation Show (as part of Now future passe-partout):
Children up to 12 years: Free entrance
Children from 12 to 18 + students on presentation of a student card: €7,50
All other visitors: Now future passe-partout: € 15,00

Buy your online ticket HERE!

Press can visit our press website, for Highres images of selected works.

Published: 24-Sep-2013 10:55
  • Graduation 2013:  One theme, Two venues

    Nina van Bart - The Alchemist

  • Graduation 2013:  One theme, Two venues

    Self Unself - Venues Eindhoven

  • Graduation 2013:  One theme, Two venues

    Dave Hakkens - Phone Bloks

  • Graduation 2013:  One theme, Two venues

    Bachelor - Man and Leisure - Jan Pieter Kaptein - The second self laboratory

  • Graduation 2013:  One theme, Two venues

    Master Social Design - Pablo Calderon - It Is What It Is

  • Graduation 2013:  One theme, Two venues

    Bachelor - Man and Activity - Luc van Hoeckel - Single Spark

  • Graduation 2013:  One theme, Two venues

    Bachelor - Man and Communication - Elif Ozbay - Blije Turk

  • Graduation 2013:  One theme, Two venues

    Bachelor - Man and Living - Bart Eysink Smeets - AAD Artificial Atmossphere Design

  • Graduation 2013:  One theme, Two venues

    Master Contextual Design - Bora Hong - Cosmetic Surgery Kingdom

  • Graduation 2013:  One theme, Two venues

    Master Contextual Design - Matthias Borowski - The Importance of The Obvious

  • Graduation 2013:  One theme, Two venues

    Master Information Design - Echo Yang - Autonous Machines

  • Graduation 2013:  One theme, Two venues

    Master Social Design - Ines Bressand - Exploration on Straw

  • Graduation 2013:  One theme, Two venues

    Bachelor - Man and Activity - Inge Kuipers - Tea Set Touch

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