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Currently Design Academy Eindhoven hosts Touch Base, an exhibition exploring the counter-movement of tactiltiy shown by current DAE students and graduates. Another way we investigate touch, is by staying in touch with our alumni. 

In the Lambrate region of Milan, where the Touch Base exhibit is located, are many DAE alumni hosting their own exhibitions. For all visitors of Salone del Mobile 2016, we've made a map of the area, with all locations DAE alumni are showcasing their work. 

Map legend + links:

2 - Studio Mieke Meijer & Studio Jeroen WandMaybe Blue Would Have Been Better
Studio Mieke Meijer (Mieke Meijer) 

3 - Jessica SmarschBody-Scapes: International Narratives in Design
Jessica Smarsch

3 - Money, Meat & Plastic SurgeryMoney, Meat & Plastic Surgery
Bora Hong 

4 - Form & SeekSeek
Sylvain de Bellis – Thomas Vailly – Laura Lynn Jansen – Mandy Roos

4 - The Journey of ThingsThe Journey / Part Three
Birgit Severin & Guillaume Neurinaudo 

5 - Baars & BloemhofTransitions
Studio Mieke Meijer (Mieke Meijer)– De Intuitiefabriek (Carolina Wike, Eefiene Bolhuis, Eva Gevaert) – Michiel Martens

5 - Label/BreedCollection 2.00 – Inspiration from the Value Chain
Demakersvan (Joep Verhoeven & Jeroen Verhoeven & Judith de Graauw) – Chris Kabel – Marleen Kaptein – Christien Meindertsma – Studio Wieke Somers (Wieke Somers) – Simone Post 

7 - Cotto Another Perspective - Around the Patch
De Intuitiefabriek (Carolina Wike, Eefiene Bolhuis, Eva Gevaert)

7 - Jelle MastenbroekData Orchestra
Jelle Mastenbroek

10 - Life Art Studio – Life Art Studio
Chulan Kwak 

10 - LogotelPoetry, 21 Words for…
Michiel Martens – Gijs van Bon – Dave Hakkens – Joris Laarman Lab + MX3D (Joris Laarman)

10 - Mexican Pavilion Design Revolution by Grow Add
Anudando (Michelle Baggerman) 

10 - Pieke BergmansFreeze
Pieke Bergmans

15 - LensveltBoring Collection
Edward van Vliet – Piet Hein Eek – Bertjan Pot – Roderick Vos – Teun Fleskens – Studio Job (Job Smeets, Tyneke Tynagel) – Mark van der Gronden – Van Eijk & Van der Lubben (Niels van Eijk, Miriam van der Lubben) – Richard Hutten – Arian Brekveld 

16 - Envisions – Products in Process
Simone Post – Sanne Schuurman – Jeroen van de Gruiter – Tijs Gilde – Studio Truly Truly (Joel Booy) – Studio Plott (Rudi Boiten, Mireille Burger) – Adrianus Kundert – Bastiaan de Nennie

16 - Maarten Baptist – MAFAD Ateliers
Maarten Baptist

17 - La TerasseVol. 2 Rhythm
Tal Erez – Tuomas Markunpoika – Erez Nevi Pana – Itay Ohaly – Tamar Shafrir – Allison Crank

17 - Marc de Groot – The New Beehive
Marc de Groot

18 - Adrianus Kundert – Ripening Rugs & Bubblegraphy
Adrianus Kunderd

18 - Archibald Godts – Man’s Best Friend
Archibald Godts

18 - Jaro Kose – Collection of Six
Jaro Kose

18 - SBEBS design – The Unimaginary Project
Beatrice Cordara

Published: 15-Apr-2016 12:36
  • DAE alumni in Milan 2016

    DAE alumni in Lambrate during Milan Design Week 2016

  • DAE alumni in Milan 2016

    Full map DAE alumni in Lambrate during Milan Design Week 2016

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