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Since 2010, the Keep an Eye Foundation has been responsible for awarding the annual Keep an Eye Grant, which was presented during the official opening of our Graduation Show. Starting in 2016, the foundation intends to take a more in-depth and focused approach to its ‘talent development’ objective. This means that the target group will consist of alumni who graduated two to three years ago. An interesting time to stop and consider questions such as: ‘where do you stand at this point in your career’ and ‘how can the Keep an Eye Foundation help you in the continued development of your talent’? Four designers who can come up with a well-phrased answer will be eligible for the ‘Keep an Eye Design Talent Grant’ worth € 10,000.

What do you have to do to be considered for the grant?

  • You graduated in the 2014-2015 academic year.
  • In your application, clearly state your name, address, the year you graduated and the department you graduated from.
  • Make sure you have a viewable portfolio accessible through a website.
  • Agencies or collectives can apply as long as the person applying is a Design Academy Eindhoven graduate.
  • Write a retrospective of approx. 500 words about the start and the course of your design career after you left Design Academy Eindhoven and tell us what sort of things you have run into, mistakes you have learnt from, things that have gone well and the issues you reflect upon. You are allowed to hand in this retrospective in another form besides writing, e.g. a series of photographs, a short film or an animated film.
  • Write a preview of at least 500 words stating your plans for the (near) future that will further your career and that would benefit from a financial impulse. Think along the lines of a research, product or concept development, prototyping and launch, interesting collaborations, marketing plans, etc. It is important that you offer the judges a clear vision of where you want to go in your development as a designer. Indicate who benefits from the added value you bring and explain why. You are allowed to hand in this preview in another form besides writing, e.g. a series of photographs, a short film or an animated film.
  • The deadline for sending in your retrospective, preview and portfolio is 23 June 2017, 5.00 PM. Send it to:, stating “Keep an Eye Design Talent Grant”.

Do not miss this opportunity! In addition to the possible financial impulse of € 10,000 and being assessed by a panel of professional judges, the opportunity to chart for yourself where you stand and where you want to go is well worth it. The 4 winners will be announced during the official opening of the Graduation Show 2017.

We hope you will apply in great numbers for this wonderful opportunity for professional evaluation.

If you have any questions you can send us an e-mail through Please state Keep an Eye Design Talent Grant. Best of luck!


Published: 06-Jun-2017 10:27


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  • Keep an Eye Design Talent Grant 2017

    Keep an Eye Grant trophy, designed by Jules Bernard. Photography: Angeline Swinkels

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