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DAE collaborates with different funds and partners to stimulate new talents through awards and grants. We are delighted and proud to announce the nominees for awards, given by our design departments. The winners will be announced at the opening of the academic school year on 5 September, from on 4pm. 

With the nomination also comes a presentation to a jury and an award of 2,000 euro and a 3D printed trophy of DAE alumnus Olivier van Herpt for one winner in each category.
The René Smeets Award is awarded to the student who attains a high degree of professionalism both in the development of the design process and the end result of the graduation project. The student has worked together with manufacturers and the product is potentially feasible. The winner of the René Smeets Award receives a sum of € 2,000 and with high regard. 
Nominated for the René Smeets Award 2017
Josef Trojau (LE), the very first shoe
Christian Hammer Juhl (CO), 10:1
Marie Caye (FN), SAM
Corrine van Grevenbroek (MO), Digital Ethology
Alice Bleton (PP), Monade Capsule
Mirjam de Bruijn (AC), Twenty
Julian Lim (ID), Alter Ego
Friso Wiersma (WB), By Hand
The Gijs Bakker Award will be awarded annually to the most outstanding master student graduating at Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE). It complements the long-established René Smeets Award for the best bachelor student project. An expert jury selects the winner who will receive a prize certificate and 2.000 euros. The jury selects the student whose thesis, research and design project demonstrate outstanding skill and imagination, tenacity, originality, personality and relevance to the profession and the outside world. These criteria reflect the foundation of the DAE master programme initiated by designer Gijs Bakker. 
Nominated for the Gijs Bakker Award 2017
Irene Stracuzzi (ID), The Legal Status of Ice
Cecilia Denti (ID), Bedtime Stories Generator
Aram Lee (CD), Dutch Wife
Kostas Lambridis (CD), Elemental Cabinet
Nadine Botha (DCW), The Politics of Shit
Basse Stittgen (SD), blood related
Ottonie von Roeder (SD), Post-Labouratory
The Melkweg Prize is awarded to one with truly unique talent. The winning graduation project is highly original and full of potential. The winner of the Melkweg Prize receives a sum of € 2,000. 
Nominated for the Melkweg Award 2017
Daan Wubben (LE), the moving memento
Simon Dogger(CO), emotiefluisteraar 
Nuya Lindler (MO), One-2L
Paul Slot (PP), Linda, Tilia x Europ
Kristofers Reidzans (AC), Vice Versa
Jian da Huang (ID), Reframe 
Leo Schlumberger (WB), Toilet
Published: 17-Jul-2017 10:22


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