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During the opening of the 2017 Graduation Show 'MINED' the Keep an Eye Design Talent Grant was awarded to recent 4 Design Academy Eindhoven alumni.

Certainly an impressive selection of projects! The alumni of 2014-2015 turned out to be a powerful bunch; every one of them has demonstrated a 100% commitment and passion for the job in his or her own way. Relevance, sustainability and appropriate content are the clear themes informing all projects. In addition to nurturing innate talent, the jury of the Keep an Eye Design Talent Grant were also on the lookout for these themes.
It was a difficult task to chose. Ultimately, the presentations were the decisive factor and the jury decided to award a Grant to those who would really benefit from that little extra support.
SuperLocal (Pim van Baarsen and Luc van Hoeckel)
Quit your job! And continue peeling the tight mandarin... You impressed the jury with your concept; really rock solid stuff. Becoming expendable and at the same time indispensable; once again the local residents in Malawi have requested you return.
Use the Grant to research sources of finance and organisations that support social enterprises. Link up with those operating within an established network in this area of expertise. Continue initiating, organising and sharing. This will attract plenty of other young designers to get airborne in your slipstream and move on to spread the good news of your aims and ways of working.
Desiree van der Gracht
Desiree entirely convinced the jury with her strong presentation, setting out a strong and clear plan, her commitment to the product and the wealth of references she has put together over the last two years.
Desiree realises that she needs a proof of concept to strengthen her establishment and cement her position in view of other parties. The jury would like to contribute to this.
Use the Grant to create a thoroughly designed prototype and take the necessary steps towards realising a proof of concept. That will leave you well equipped and in a strong position to take that next step.

Bastiaan de Nennie
Bastiaan’s way of working breaks new ground with a new stylistic idiom: Phygital (physical-digital). Developing products with Phygital is fine of course, however most of all the jury would like to see you grow as a 'thought leader' in this approach.
Use the Grant to focus on and development of a clear business proposition, sharpening and crystallising your phrasing. The jury has awarded you the 3rd Keep an Eye Design Talent Grant to encourage you to continue pioneering and become the expert in this new design field.

Guiditta Vendrame
Guiditta’s interests centred on the junction between design and legislation, and on how design can play a key role in making this visible, readable and digestible.
Here also with Giuditta the jury sees the development of a thought leader, a design expert clearly demonstrating what design can mean in legislation and how it can help clarify ongoing regulations.
Use the funds to lay a claim within the area of design and legislation in which documentation and publication are critical.

Published: 23-Oct-2017 11:55
  • Winning alumni: Keep an Eye Design Talent Grant

    Winners Keep an Eye Design Talent Grant 2017

  • Winning alumni: Keep an Eye Design Talent Grant

    Design Talent Grant winner Pim van Baarsen

  • Winning alumni: Keep an Eye Design Talent Grant

    Design Talent Grant winner Desiree van der Gracht

  • Winning alumni: Keep an Eye Design Talent Grant

    Design Talent Grant winner Bastiaan de Nennie

  • Winning alumni: Keep an Eye Design Talent Grant

    Design Talent Grant winner Guiditta Vendrame

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