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During the New Year’s reception Frans Bevers won the Jan Lucassen Award 2017. Frans currently teaches in the DAE Master departments Contextual Design and Information Design. For many years he combined his professional practice with part-time teaching. According to the jury of the Jan Lucassen Award, Frans Bevers is inexhaustible when it comes to advising his students. He does not lead the ideas of the students but shows them ways to think. Frans is always supportive and gives positive reinforcement. In his word of thanks Frans framed it very modestly himself: “as a teacher you are as good as your students”.


The Jan Lucassen Award honours previous Executive Board chairman Jan Lucassen who passed away in 2017.  Shortly before his death current Executive Board member and director of education Jurriënne Ossewold paid Jan Lucassen a visit. During this visit she launched the idea for the Jan Lucassen Award. Jan was touched and felt truly honoured by this gesture. 

The Jan Lucassen Award aims to recognise a teacher who is demonstrably dual talented in combining a professional practice with teaching.  All DAE students, teachers and staff members were invited to nominate teachers. The 2017 nominees were:

  • Gijs Assmann
  • Maarten Baas
  • Frans Bevers
  • Nacho Carbonell
  • Formafantasma
  • Arne Hendriks
  • Mingus Hopman
  • Hewald Jongenelis
  • Guus Kusters 
  • Ilga Minjon
  • Jonas Ohlsson 
  • Rony Platenkamp
  • Allard Roeterink
  • Mara Skujeniece
  • Marietta de Vries

Design Academy Eindhoven congratulates Frans Bevers with this prize.

Published: 23-Jan-2018 14:10
  • Frans Bevers winner Jan Lucassen Award 2017

    Henri Beelen, Secretary Executive Board, congratulates Frans Bevers

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