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Visit the final presentation about new use of parchment by DAE students on March 3 2012! This presentation will be combined with the award ceremony palaeography contest.  You can visit this exposition from Saturday the 3rd of March till Sunday the 11th of March in “Schaapskooi Schijndel” in Schijndel (the Netherlands). The students have published their final results about the use of parchment in a special magazine. In this publication the process of development and results will be shown. 

These third year students of design department Man and Identity have explored the usability of parchment. During a pre-presentation great and surprising new possibilities were introduced. These DAE designers discoverd new potential uses of this material. For example: parchment jewellery, clothes, furniture and glasses. In addition, they experimented with new and surprising processing methods.  

Curious enough? Design Academy Eindhoven and the foundation Kartuizerklooster Sinte Sophia van Constantinopel, the foundation Brabantse Bronnen and the foundation Schaapskudde Eerde invite you to visit this presentation and award ceremony this March.

For the program and timetable visit the following sites: and

The exhibition is shown during regular opening hours of the “Schaapskooi”.
Registration is not necessary. 

Schaapskooi Schijndel
Martemanshurk 12
5482 WP Schijndel
The Netherlands

Published: 06-Feb-2012 15:37
  • The revival of parchment


  • The revival of parchment


  • The revival of parchment


  • The revival of parchment


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