At Design Academy Eindhoven the TRADERS project investigates the approach of multiple performative mapping. It refers to developing a multi-layered map: a map that not only depicts the conventional spatial patterns in an area, but also the different stakeholders’ understanding of that area, how they actually use it, experience it, value it and what they expect from it. Naomi Bueno de Mesquita (the research associate involved in this project) studies digital mapping as tool/ method to engage people in public space (issues) in which the mapping-practice is often performed collectively. 


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Performative Mapping game

28 April 2016

Performative Mapping is a location based game in which players create and perform site-specific tasks. A task is a response to a particular site, inspired by its design, use, rituals, acoustics, history, etc. A description of the task is uploaded

You Are Near # 5

14 June 2015

In this game there are two competing teams: a team of players tries to get as close as possible to a digitally simulated object that moves through the city’s streets. The object is only visible on the players mobile phones. The added


31 May 2015

An web app that lets people erase the map of a city by walking its streets. This experiment is in the form of a web-based application designed and programmed using PHP programming language, OpenStreetMap (OSM) and Leaflet JavaScript library. Using the

You Are Near #3

03 May 2015

In this game two teams aim to surround a digitally simulated object. The object (one for each team) moves through the cities’ streets and is only visible on the players mobile screen. Before starting players walk for 10 min in different directions. As the game starts

You Are Near #1

19 December 2014

What is the impact of “YOU ARE HERE” (e.g. represented by Google maps’ well known blue dot) – being always in the centre of the map and no need to orientate yourself – on the collective experience of the city