Profiles of People Involved


The team involved in the Strategic Creativity Readership and CRISP started in April 2011 and has been growing from 3 then to the number of people you see here at the right. Research Associates typically are part of the team for one year, but often stay involved in our activities now and then afterwards. Each Research Associate works on her or his own project as part of a larger CRISP project, with several partners outside the academy.

Alessia Cadamuro

Alessia Cadamuro is a Research Associate on the G-Motiv project.

Bas Raijmakers

Dr. Bas Raijmakers PhD (RCA) is Reader (Lector) Strategic Creativity at Design Academy Eindhoven and leads the in-house CRISP research team.

Danielle Arets

Danielle Arets is Associate Reader (Associate Lector) Strategic Creativity. She also has a key role in communicating the knowledge that results from CRISP.

Heather Daam

Heather Daam is a Research Associate on the Grey But Mobile project.

Jonny Wray

Jonny Wray is a Research Associate on the CASD project

Karianne Rygh

Karianne Rygh is a Research Associate on the PSS 101 project.

Maartje van Gestel

Maartje is a Design Researcher on the Grey But Mobile project.

Marijn van der Poll

Marijn van der Poll is a Research Associate on the Grey But Mobile project.

Mike Thompson

Mike Thompson is a Research Associate on the GRIP project.

Susana Cámara Leret

Susana Cámara Leret is a Research Associate on the G-Motiv project.