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For our Bachelor students and people interested in design we present a unique lecture programme about the social context of design. This White Lady Programme gives designers, scientists and artists a platform to share their refreshing insights and inspiring views with students, alumni, friends and partners of Design Academy Eindhoven. The programme is compulsory for bachelor students and open to the public (students have to attend at least 8 lectures).

Programme 2012


“If design frames life, design education forms the future!” is the core didactic strategy of the Design Academy Eindhoven. This clearly communicates that design is no longer about tools and products, but is pervasive in our daily lives and plays a key role in a variety of disciplines. Premsela, The Netherlands Institute for Design and Fashion regards design as an “act of critical optimism.” New ideas need to be tested in the public domain through research, critical feedback or studies in economical feasibility.

More and more, Dutch Designers explore what role they can play in other domains, such as politics, economics and social spheres. Design Academy Eindhoven participates in the research programme CRISP (Creative Research Industry Scientific Programme) in which alumni of Design Academy Eindhoven cooperate with PhD researchers at technical universities along with research and research-development teams from large Dutch industries. In these interdisciplinary research teams designers explore new roles in scientific, technological and economic fields. Not surprisingly, many designers no longer focus merely on producing tools or products, but also devices, concepts, prototypes or research maps. New technologies, like 3d printers, stimulate explorations of other means of communication and ask questions about authenticity; what is real and what is fake? How do we present these outcomes in a challenging and attractive way?

The White lady programme of 2012 will address these questions.
Designers & Design Thinkers of international renown tackle questions, flesh out new design worlds and give inspiration. The White Lady programme focuses on the cultural, social and economical context of design with monthly lectures, debates and talks. The programme presents acknowledged design thinkers and makers from in and outside the design discipline. The aim is to explore how design is related to societal developments and vice versa.

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Location: Designhuis, Stadhuisplein 3, Eindhoven
Time: All lectures start at 15.30 pm till 17.00 pm
Admission: Free; please register at
Language: English


White Lady

White Lady

White Lady