“There is no such thing as social design!” As a designer you are obliged working with the social aspect. You ask yourself continuously: why do I design, what impact will my design have, whom will it affect and what do I achieve with my body of work. This critical attitude is what defines our department as Social Design.

The research programme of Social Design develops new models, strategies and products that can play a decisive role in the development and transformation of society. The economical, governmental and democratic systems are in crisis. Powers are shifting and we have to develop new relations and values between people, people as consumers, producers and distributors. We will respond to these changes and formulate scenarios, models and products that will be embedded and tested within the context for which they are intended. 

Through the act of creating, making and testing we will reflect upon your interests and fascinations, and these will direct your design. We expect a self-critical, reflective and constructive attitude of our designers towards the world in flux. You will develop a personal methodology and definition of social design, which you need in order to perform as a designer in our fast-changing society.

Head of department: Jan Boelen
Coordinator: Henriëtte Waal

Tutors and guest tutors department Social Design

Team 2015-2016: Rianne Makkink (architect and designer), Dick van Hoff (designer), Aldo Bakker (designer), Thomas Lommee (designer), Micael Kaethler (theoretician, research and writing mentor), Lucas Mullie (designer), Tamar Shafrir (theoretician and designer), Lucas Maassen (designer), Henriette Waal (designer), Bart Guldemond (designer), Jan Boelen (artistic director of Z33, designer and head of department) and others.