Design Academy Eindhoven
Emmasingel 14, 2nd floor
5611 AZ Eindhoven
The Netherlands

T +31 40 2 39 39 39


Design Academy Eindhoven
PO Box 2125
5600 CC Eindhoven
The Netherlands

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Design Academy Eindhoven is situated in the heart of Eindhoven and occupies 10,000 m2 of the striking landmark
'de Witte Dame' (the White Lady Building).
Built in 1928 as Philips' first large-scale lighting factory, it has now become Eindhoven's thriving centre for information, design, art and technology. Besides the academy it also houses a public library and various commercial services for students and the general public.

Eindhoven is located in the south of the Netherlands, and with 250,000 inhabitants it is the fifth largest city in the Netherlands. Eindhoven was originally an industrial city, hometown to Philips Electronics and Lightning, and a city that emphasizes technology and engineering. It has developed into a centre for innovation, research and design. With its many educational institutions and with leading companies choosing Eindhoven as their base, Eindhoven is often referred to as the 'brainport of the Netherlands'.

Eindhoven is strategically located in relation to the rest of Europe. It has its own airport and excellent rail and road connections. Amsterdam, Brussels and Cologne only take a 90 minutes train ride and Paris, London and Berlin are within easy reach by car, train or airplane.