General questions about our closure as well as phased re-opening

What are the current opening hours of the school?
The school is completely closed during the two-week summer break, from 25 July until 9 August.
During the phased reopening, the opening hours of the school are 08.00 until 17.00. Only employees and graduating students are allowed to access the building during these hours. You may only enter the building with a reservation and must provide your student card at the new reception desk located at the student entrance. The final closing of the building is at 17.15 hours. This means that you have to clean up at 16.30 to make sure you are out of the building by 17.00 hours. 

How do I enter the Academy during the phased reopening?
Everyone has to enter through the student entrance. There is a reception where you must check in to see if you have booked a place or registered. 

Movement between the floors is via the staircases only, which have a one-way system – one set for going up and one set for going down. This can be confusing so look carefully at the directions on the doors before you enter the staircase. 

The elevator can only be used for goods. 

Disinfection stations are available for workspaces and workshops. These are located at different points in the building. Disinfection wipes are also available. 

How do I book workshop and workspace time?
We have created a system for booking workshops, workspace time and library visits via the bookings-app. It is essential we use this system to ensure we can follow the 1.5 metre distancing guidelines of the RIVM. If you are eligible to use these spaces during the phased reopening, you will have received the link to the bookings-app. 

Can I use the library?
The Library catalogues are available online. Graduates can also visit the library. This is only possible if you reserve a timeslot in the bookings-app (see above). You do not need to make an appointment if you are merely returning books (see below). 

Can I hand in my library books?
All students can hand in borrowed library material (books/magazines) at the temporary Reception at the Student Entrance. You do not have to make an appointment, but you do have to add a note with the date, your name and the titles of the submitted material. 

What process should employees follow when we return to work in the Academy?
Employees who come to work at the Academy will sign the temporary register. This will allow us to keep track of the number of people present in the building. 

How long will the school be closed for? We follow the Dutch national guidelines. This means that we will extend the closure of DAE until 1 September for education on location. The government hopes that this and all other measures taken will help limit the ongoing impact of Covid-19 and will assess the situation continuously like DAE. 

What is Design Academy Eindhoven basing its decision-making on? 
The Dutch Government and the national protocol of the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) 

Who can I contact if I need help?
Students: coordinator of the department or Olga Pullens (Student counsellor) (+31 6 44594717).
Tutors: coordinator of the department or Emke Molnar (HR) (+31 6 83372689)
Staff, head or coordinator: your supervisor or Emke Molnar (HR) (+31 6 83372689). 

How is DAE managing the evolving policies around COVID-19? 
We support working from home for staff and students. We have also formed a team of employees that meets virtually every day to assess the situation and work with the heads and coordinators of the various departments to examine possible future scenarios. There is also a constant dialogue between the Executive Board with the Bachelor Course Committee and the Student Council on this as well. We are trying to keep students and staff as informed as possible, with regular updates on our website and email updates that will be sent out on a regular basis. 

Where can I find the latest COVID-19 updates from DAE?
You can find them all on our website: We publish new announcements as we implement each new measure from the RIVM and the Ministry of Education. Previous announcements can also be read there. So far, there have been ten updates, which can all be found in the update archive

How many students and staff does DAE have?
Just over 700 students (80% bachelors, 20% masters) and almost 250 employees (75 fte), including many freelancers in education and support staff. More than 40 different countries are represented within our community. Most of our staff lives in The Netherlands, but some travel in from other countries. A lot of our faculty, students and staff also work internationally. 

Who are the surrounding communities that we are concerned for?
We are proud to be part of the city of Eindhoven and feel a strong responsibility to its inhabitants – particularly those who are more vulnerable to the virus, including those suffering from pre-existing conditions. 

Information about self quarantine and other rules form the Dutch Government

Can I take an indirect flight to The Netherlands? 
Non-EU students are advised to travel to The Netherlands on a direct flight wherever possible. If you do have to make a stopover, you must check in advance whether the stopover country allows this.

What kind of documents do non-EU students need when travelling?
All students must have a health certificate with them (you usually receive this from the airline).

Current students with a residence permit must bring their valid residence document in addition to the health certificate.

New students entering with a visa must already be in possession of the visa (sticker in the passport). They can therefore only travel after they have been to the embassy to arrange this. They can make an appointment with the embassy as soon as they have received the letter from DAE.

New students who do not need an entry visa must take the IND's decision (authorisation) with them when they are going to travel. They will receive this from DAE.