Information for Staff

Do I need to work from home? 
During the past months, facilities have been made available to allow employees to work from home as much as possible.

Recently, the Dutch government has again advised people to work from home wherever possible. At the same time, however, the Executive Board cannot ignore the fact that we are now restarting 'on-site' education and thus require lecturers, workshop instructors and concierges to be present in the Academy. Therefore, all educational support employees must be present. Design Academy Eindhoven is an educational institution and the student is our customer. Teaching staff and educational support work together to provide this education.

The Executive Board's position regarding working from home in corona times follows these principles:
The basic premise is that we work at the academy as much as possible. Measures are taken into account. During the summer period, teaching support moved to floor 2. On floor 2 we are able to observe the 1.5 metre RIVM guideline more comfortably. Together we monitor the 1.5-metre guideline and address each other about it.

Working from home is not prohibited. You can reach individual agreements with your manager about working from home if your personal circumstances require this. If you work from home (if agreed with you manager), make maximum use of virtual tools such as the Office 365 environment including Teams and Remote Desktop. There is a hand-out on how to work with Office 365 and other tools below.

Hand-out Nederlands 
Hand-out English 

If you have a cold and/or a fever, inform your manager and submit any complaints from home to rule out any coronary risk.

What if I do not feel well? 
Employees with minor complaints are asked and will be asked to continue to work from home as much as possible. If you are too unwell to work, please use the regular procedure to report yourself as sick. 
People are sick in my home environment. They are not tested. What should I do? 
Please stay at home, read the RIVM guidelines and inform your manager of your situation. If a member of your household is infected, you need to stay in quarantine for at least the subsequent 10 days and refer to the RIVM guidelines. Testing after 4 to 5 days can shorten your quarantine.
Will I have to make up for hours I could not work because of the corona virus? 
In this case, being unable to work is force majeure and you need not make up for the hours. It is important for us as the academy to ensure that education can continue in as far as that is possible, so from a remote location too. This demands flexibility, now and when the building reopens. 
Am I obliged to take my annual leave because of the corona virus? 
You need not take annual leave unless you choose to be released from work activities that you are now being asked to perform. And it is important, in this period too, to maintain the balance between work and recreation. Even though you are unable to travel (the world), take the time for a holiday you have planned to get away from work and to relax. 

Would you prefer to take annual leave at a different point than the period you have requested, please discuss this possibility with your manager first. Possible factors here could include: 

  • the educational calendar and collective days when the academy is closed will not be deviated from; 
  • the principle that all employees are expected to take their allotment of annual leave within each year remains unchanged in this current situation; 
  • you can only transfer a limited number of annual leave days to next year. 

I find it difficult to work from home.
This is difficult for most of us! Perhaps you are working too many hours or the very opposite: you cannot perform your work from a remote location and still match the contribution you are used to. Many people miss the social contact at work. It can help to discuss this with your manager and colleagues, because believe it or not you are not alone in this. If you would like support from a mentor or a coach, please discuss this with your manager. 
In my immediate circle people are ill with the corona virus. This has a huge impact on me, what can I do about this? 
The impact of the corona virus and the measures can be difficult when you cannot rely on friends and family for support – at least not in the way you were used to. Not everyone feels comfortable talking about this, certainly not with colleagues. While in a situation like this it is very important. We want to offer you support during this difficult period. If you feel you need this, take the initiative and discuss this with your manager. 
Can I be asked to accept and perform tasks that fall outside the scope of my position? 
This is certainly a possibility during this period, and it is important to ensure together that as many students as possible can graduate at the end of the academic year. This requires everyone to put in that extra effort and be more flexible than ever. We can do this together. 
What should I do if I cannot do my work at home because I have to look after my children? 
We assume that you can continue your work remotely and that you are available and employable for the number of hours you are normally available for each week. If this is not the case, you will have to take annual leave. If you need a few days to organise matters, you can consult your manager about requesting exceptional leave of absence. If you cannot comply with the requested availability for a longer period, you will have to use annual leave hours. 
Does the academy permit me to travel abroad? 
Employees and students are strongly discouraged from travelling abroad. The academy adheres to the travel advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; see  

Consider that there is a real chance that you will be placed in quarantine for ten days when you return from your trip/holiday. 
I am currently (on partial) sick leave, how can I work towards my normal hours?
The illness supervision and your re-integration obligations are still running, whether or not you work from home. Building up hours remotely is more difficult for some than others and the meetings that you are used to holding face-to-face, are now done via telephone or video calling. This demands reaching clear agreements with your manager. 
Working from home for longer: equipment and supplies 
Now working from home has been extended, you might want to collect some things from your workplace or require equipment or materials to organise your workplace at home as ergonomically as possible. If this is the case, please indicate this to your manager as soon as possible. But keep on realising that DAE is Corona-proof. 
I am following a coaching/mentoring trajectory or training. Will this still take place? 
Yes, this will certainly take place. Maybe still remotely, preferably using Teams or if not otherwise possible, via the telephone.
Chair massages cannot now take place. How will this be organised once the academy building is reopened? 
Depending on the instructions from the government and RIVM, we will have to look at the timing and planning for the reintroduction of chair massages as well as their execution.  As soon as there is more clarity, we will inform the employees who have registered for this. Of course, we will also inform them about agreements for the contribution paid towards the chair massage. For now it has been decided no chair massage till 2021. 
Conditions of employment matters: reimbursement of travel costs 
The regular travel cost reimbursement has been halted since 1 May 2020.

The regular travel cost reimbursement is temporarily replaced with a declaration scheme until the end of the year. When you come to the academy or you undertake another academy-business related journey, request permission in advance from your manager. You can declare your expenses in the usual manner via AFAS Insite and your manager can approve them. 

This will be the approach for the months to come until the end of the year. The government recently announced news regarding the measures. We are considering which approach is appropriate for travel costs as a result of these announcements.

Will your annual interview with your manager take place? 
Yes, this will take place this year too. But as is the case with most interviews, these too will (in part) take place via Teams. 
When will the DAE-Day take place? 
Unfortunately, this day could not take place on May 12. We are looking into the possibility of organising this at another time. Expectation is 2021. 
Is it allowed to do voluntary work? 
In addition to your work, you can also contribute to society. If you want to set up or contribute to a social project in your neighbourhood focused on supporting the elderly and vulnerable groups during this difficult period, share it with us! 

If you have any questions, please contact HR via this email address