Information for students

Can I complete my internship or exchange?
If the institution or workplace is in agreement then an internship or exchange can take place and students must follow the rules of the place they will be working/studying. 

What is happening to my course? 
The education of the MA as well as BA continues online. Information is available via the regular channels within your educational year. Due to possible new measurements to reopen schools from 20 May our current plan is to start practicing from 20 May if and when allowed and reopen the school incrementally from 2 June serving the needs of students who are due to graduate imminently. All other students will continue to have access to online education for the remainder of the academic year as previously scheduled and we are looking forward to welcoming you back to the Academy at the beginning of September.

In practical terms, this means the second year MA students and fourth year BA students will be the only students with access to the workshops and education spaces from 2 June onwards. We will look into extending the workshop opening dates for these students over the course of the summer.

Are there any classes at DAE right now?
No, there will be no on-site classes at DAE until the beginning of September 2020 at the earliest. There will only be possibilities for the graduates to access the workshops to finalise their study from 2 June onwards. 

What does the closure of the Academy mean for my study progress, exams and assessments?
Wherever you are, we expect you to be available online so you can continue your education. All of our other education programs will continue online – albeit in a slightly new format. This means that the academic year will continue for all current BA and MA students.

The examination committee has developed practical guidelines for assessments that consider the major disruption caused by the closure of the Academy. In the upcoming week (from 27 April) the new rules and planning from the Examination committee will be shared with all students via email.

How strict will you be with the Binding recommendation Advice (BSA) for 1st years?
DAE is currently considering on how to go forth with the binding recommendation for Bachelor students at the end of the first year. We will inform you as soon as we have more information.

Are the workshops open? Can you make any exceptions?
No, the whole Academy is closed up to and including 1 June and this includes all of the workshops. Staff can only access the building by prior arrangement with their manager. If you need advice about materials or how to make something, the workshops are offering support via a private Facebook Group called DAE Workshops. You can also reach them by sending an email to

All students are invited contact the workshops via Facebook or email if needed.

What if I couldn’t pick up my belongings before the Academy closed? 
At the moment you are not allowed to pick up your stuff. DAE is working on a system (app) that will allow you to pick up your belongings from 1 May on. Students may enter the building one by one, but DAE remains completely closed for education purposes. As soon as this app is ready we will inform you. None of your things will be moved. The Academy is closed, so nobody can come in without prior arrangement. The Academy will be cleaned but no ‘stuff’ will be thrown away.

Does the closure of the EU’s borders mean I can no longer travel home or come back to DAE?
The heads of the EU decided on 17 March 2020 to close the block’s external border to most non-EU residents. Some individual countries – such as Belgium, France, Poland and the Czech Republic – have also closed their borders to citizens from other EU countries. The borders with Germany remain open for the time being. We advise you to contact your embassy if you have any concerns. You can find a list of international embassies in The Netherlands here:

Please check the latest updates on the measurements taken in your home country before making a decision:

We are following the travel advice from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, so please keep a close eye on these as they change frequently. You can find them here:

What do I do if I’m in a country with a coronavirus outbreak and I am not allowed to leave?
Please contact your embassy. If you are in your country of origin and there are contaminations there, please follow local advice.

What happens to my residence permit for study if I have left the Netherlands and want to stay enrolled at DAE?
For students who were abroad at the start of the corona crisis and who cannot return to the Netherlands for the next months, the IND will not strictly enforce the 30EC rule.

For students who want to go home (or went home already) during the crisis whilst continuing their studies at DAE online, the residence permit will remain valid provided you stay enrolled as a student at DAE.

You will have to deregister from the municipality where you live if you wish to leave for a longer period of time. For Eindhoven you can do this here. DAE will inform the IND that you have left because of the corona crisis but that you will continue studying online.

What happens to my residence permit if I want to interrupt my studies at DAE?
Students who leave the Netherlands and interrupt their studies have to unroll as a student at DAE. Please send an email to for more information.

DAE will inform the IND that you have left because of the corona crisis.

You also have to deregister from the municipality where you live. For Eindhoven you can do this through the website.

The IND will decide whether you have to apply for a new residence permit when you start your studies again in September. They will decide this on a case-by-case basis. Should your residence permit be withdrawn you have to apply for a new permit.

I am organizing/going on a study or business trip to a country with current coronavirus cases. Is that still allowed?
No, it is not allowed. All trips are suspended except for students who want to go home.

I’m a Dutch citizen and would like to travel abroad. Is this allowed?
The latest advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is that Dutch citizens should only travel abroad if strictly necessary. All countries are currently on at least a code orange advisory level due to risk to the public. Holidays abroad are not recommended.

Is it likely that DAE will stay closed beyond 1 June? 
We can’t answer this question completely. For the year 1, 2 and 3 BA and year 1 MA student’s education on location starts from September onwards unless circumstances don’t allow DAE to do so. We will inform students and staff in the event of policy changes as soon as they happen via the website and by e-mail. If you have any further questions that are not answered here you can get in touch with the key contact people mentioned above in the General Questions section. 

Is it necessary to pay tuition fees in case of a re-exam (graduation) in September 2020?
DAE will never risk the fact that your diploma is not legally valid due to not paying tuition fees for the next school year. That implies that in case of a re-exam you have to pay tuition fees. We are trying to receive an exemption for the necessity of payments of the tuitions fee in case of a re-exam in September but at this moment it is still uncertain if we will succeed. This decision is in the hands of the Dutch Government.

Is there a change in paying tuition fees this year?
There are no changes in the amount or paying methods of the tuition fees. The Dutch Government has strict rules and regulations that are mandatory for all institutes. Should there be any future developments regarding higher education tuition fees on a nationwide level, we make sure to inform you on this. 

What happens to my scholarship?
For questions about the scholarship you received from your own country, please contact the organisation directly.

What do I do if I have no doctor in The Netherlands?
If you are unfamiliar with the Dutch healthcare system, we would like to draw your attention to the healthcare insurance. Take advantage of it. If you need help, you can report to SGE at Strijp-T:

Can I change anything in my Dutch health insurance?
For questions about the insurance of AON we refer you to their website. Ending or interrupting your insurance can be done online

For general information on health insurance go here

What happens to my study finance from DUO?
DUO has arranged several financial options for students who are entitled to studiefinanciering. This applies to Dutch students, but also to EER-students who are entitled to studiefinanciering on the basis of their employment in the Netherlands. You can read more about it here:

Are there options to apply for extra finance at DUO during this crisis?
For students who are not served by these generic financial options, DUO offers to make case by case exceptions. Please contact DUO in case this applies to you.

Some EER-students cannot work enough hours because of the corona crisis, but have worked enough hours in the months before. For these students DUO has arranged an exception: with a letter from your employer you might still be able to qualify for studiefinanciering. Please see:

EER students who do not work and therefore are not entitled to studiefinanciering, can apply for the tuition fees loan at DUO. You can apply for this retro-actively from September 1, 2019. The amount from September – March will be paid in one payment, the remainder you will receive in monthly payments. Please see:

What if I am from outside EER and cannot apply to DUO?
Students from countries outside the EER have been made to prove they have enough funds to study at DAE at the time of their visa application in 2019. This was one of the prerequisites for obtaining a residence permit. We expect your means will be covering your expenses in the current situation.

Where can I find extra information to apply for financial aid?
Information regarding your rights as an employee from the students union LSVB:

Information on unemployment benefit: and

Information on the temporary emergency measure bridging employment (NOW)
The NOW is intended to accommodate employers dealing with lost sales. This allows employers to pay their employees on a permanent and flexible contract.

If you are still experiencing considerable financial difficulties and you want someone to review the available options with you, please contact the student counsellor through