Question about education starting in September 2020

Will the course adapt to remote learning methods like online classes or will the academic year run its course as normal? How should the start of next year look like?
It is our firm goal to restart all education on-site from September 7, 2020. Exactly how we are going to achieve that is something we are working on now. September lies a few months ahead of us, and the Dutch government is updating its policies regarding the reopening of higher education institutions on a monthly basis.  

How does Corona may affect the beginning of the study in September and how are your plans of how to deal with the situation? 
As said, it is our firm goal to restart all education on-site. At this moment our staff is working on the outlines of how the education can take place, planning the schedules and taking all restrictions in account, such as 1.5 meter distance and the total number of people allowed in the building. Until July 1, this number is 30, but there is a chance it might go up to 100 from July 1 onwards. Of course the success also depends on everybody’s willingness to accept the rules and work according to them. Stay home when you do not feel well, wash your hands regularly, sneeze or cough in your elbow, use paper handkerchiefs.

Will the school be fully functional in September due to the global pandemic crisis?
It will of course be different from the normal situation. The firm goal however, is to have the academy fully functional. If a new outbreak of Covid-19 takes place we will take the measurements that the government is stating.

If normal classes resume, what measures will the school take to protect everyone's health?
You have to keep 1.5 mtr distance, also when working in the building, stay home when you do not feel well, wash your hands regularly, sneeze or cough in your elbow, use paper handkerchiefs. 

Everyone has to enter through the student entrance. There is a possibility the reception is still re-located.

Movement between the floors is via the staircases only, which have a one-way system – one set for going up and one set for going down. This can be confusing so look carefully at the directions on the doors before you enter the staircase. The elevator can only be used for goods.
Disinfection stations are available for workspaces and workshops. These are located at different points in the building. Disinfection wipes are also available.

Does the possibility of postponing academic year exist? 
Answer Bachelors:
 It is possible to defer your admittance for one year. If you want to postpone, you can send an email to and state the reason of your request.

Answer Masters: It is possible to defer your admittance for one year. If you want to postpone, you can send an email to and state the reason of your request.

You have to pay the deposit of €500 to be sure we keep your place for next year.

Next year we will settle the deposit with the tuition fee.

If you’ve already postponed one year, is it possible to postpone a year again due to Corona?
This depends on a few more factors then only the reason that the postponement is possibly fully due to COVID-19.

Are the tuition fees and/or institutional tuition fees going to change?
The tuition fees for the academic year 2020-2021 are set. You can find them on the website. They will not change.

Is there any additional support from the government or DAE because of current and future financial and social consequences of COVID-19? 
The government has made some adjustments for students that are currently in their exam period. At the moment no other adjustments are known to take place.

Tuition fee cannot be postponed. The Dutch Government has strict rules and regulations that are mandatory for all institutes. Should there be any future developments regarding higher education tuition fees on a nationwide level, we make sure to inform you on this. 

The payment can be divided In 10 pieces.

For scholarships you may check:
DUO; for NL en EU students

De EU students can apply for student finance when they have a job (with a contract) for 56 hrs per month, please check:

Non EU students can for instance check the Nuffic website to see if a scholarship is available

General links

And of course check the possibilities in your home country

The academy can’t provide scholarships.

Can students use the financial support from the Dutch government? Are there any scholarships you can get from school? Do they have any other suggestions concerning financial support?
See above

Will there be extraordinary regulations for new students whose academic situation will get affected due to Covid-19? For example, if you can’t get the official Bachelor diploma in the stipulated deadlines.
In case you can’t hand in the diploma of your previous education in time, you can hand in a statement of your educational institution to confirm that your exams are delayed. You should mention the new expected date of graduation. 

In order to be admitted, your graduation date has to be before October 1st.

Will there be a full refund of tuition fees in case the program is postponed or cancelled? 
Tuition fee cannot be refunded for the time you have been subscribed at the academy and received education (on-site or online). In principle the academy will not cancel or postpone the program but find a way to continue the program.

What if I go ahead with process of tuition transition and paper works and then things escalate again prohibiting me from traveling, what would be the procedures then?
It depends on the specifics, but when the case is clear and you already paid the living allowance (cost of living 1st year plus tuition fees) as a non-EU student, DAE will pay back the living allowance. We can’t pay back the expenses for the residence document. This counts for the Bachelors. For the Masters you can call upon your deferral.

Is the deadline for accepting the offer and paying the deposit been delayed due to COVID?
No, it is not.

Is the Visa application still happening for non-EU students in May? When can I expect it to be done?
As soon as you meet all requirements, we can start to apply for your residence permit. So it can be done later as well. We cannot tell how long the process will take. This depends on IND. So the sooner we start to apply for your residence permit, the better.

If I can’t provide some documents from the government buildings for my visa until June, what will happen?
You can hand in the documents after June 1st. If the documents are necessary for the application of your residence permit, we will apply for your residence-permit after you have sent us the documents.

What if my country is still in a lockdown in September and I won’t be able to travel? 
Contact the coordinator of your study program to discuss the possibilities.

My exams are postponed. Can I enrol for DAE?
In regards to our Masters:
 This depends on the date of your exams. When you graduate before October 1st, it is possible to start at DAE in September. When you graduate after October 1st it is not possible to start this year. 

In case you are not able to finalise all necessary official document before January 1st 2021. You have to leave the Academy. 
It is helpful if you can hand in a statement from your educational institution to confirm that you passed your exams (including the date of graduation) and the date that you will receive the official document. 

In regards to our Bachelors: A MBO student who, due to this crisis, has been unable to complete one or more small courses before 1 September or is in the process of completing professional practice and can do so before 1 January 2021 will be admit by DAE. If the MBO diploma is not obtained before January 1, 2021, the student will still have to leave the Academy.

For the conditional admission to the transition from MBO to our Bachelors, the educational organisation in which the student has been delayed must draw up a substantiated final recommendation to the student before August 15. This advice answers the question whether the student can reasonably be expected to complete the study programme in question before 31 December 2020.