Question about education starting in September 2020

General questions 
Please check  (including Q&A) and 

For visas, check on and select the option ‘Visas for the Netherlands’ and ‘long-stay visa (MVV)’. Fill in your country and check if the embassy is open. 

On the studyinholland site you can find an infosheet: 

Students travelling from countries with a negative/ orange/ red travel advice must self-quarantine for ten days before the beginning of the academic year. 

What are the main changes to facilitate on-site education?  
1. The layout of the floors has been altered, and all spaces normally used for exhibitions, lectures and assessments will now be mainly used for education. This is an additional total of 3,500 m2 (WitteDame Hall, MU Space, and second half of 3rd floor).  
2. The support staff has moved to the second floor, which is also more accessible to students.  
3. In response to current Covid protocols, we have introduced a number of measures such as time slots and strictly scheduled times to enter the building and use of the workshops. Following the rules will allow us to make education possible for everyone. 

Will the school be fully functional in September despite the global pandemic crisis? 
The firm goal is to keep the academy fully operational. If a new outbreak of Covid-19 takes place we will take the measurements that are needed as advised by the Dutch government.  

What measures will the school take to protect everyone's health? 
You have to keep 1.5 metre distance, also when working in the building, stay home when you do not feel well, wash your hands regularly, sneeze or cough in your elbow, use paper handkerchiefs. Everyone has to enter through the student entrance.  

Movement between the floors is via the staircases only, which have a one-way system – one set for going up and one set for going down. This can be confusing so look carefully at the directions on the doors before you enter the staircase. The elevator can only be used for goods, and can only be used by 1 person. 

Disinfection stations are available for workspaces and workshops. These are located at different points in the building. Disinfection wipes are also available.  

It is important to take into account that we are controlling access to the building, use of workshops and the library with time slots: strictly scheduled times. You can book a time slot in the apps for the workshops and library. You do not need to book a time slot for the Digital Workshop. When you enter the digital workshop, collect a lanyard with a number and you can start your work. If there are no lanyards left, you will have to wait outside for one to become available. For more information, see update #12 

How can I book a library visit?
Please use the DAE Library App to book a time slot for visiting the library. You are welcome in the Entrance zone of the library without a reservation. Use the info button within the App for more detailed information.

Can I browse the library catalogue online?
Yes, you can, just click on the following link to do so:

Can I be somewhat flexible with the starting time of each day?  
No, students and staff alike need to come to DAE within their given time slot. Only then can we safeguard everybody’s well-being within our building.  

What do I do when I feel unwell?  
Stay at home. If your complaints seem corona related (cold, fever, throat ache etc) please make sure you go for a test. You can make an appointment via phone on 0800-1202 or go to (make sure you have your DIGID at hand). Please check the COVID communication chart who to contact within DAE. If your test is negative and you are without symptoms for at least 24 hours, you are welcome again in the DAE building. If your test is positive please contact:

Students: coordinator of the department or Olga Pullens (Student counsellor) (+31 6 44594717). 
Tutors: coordinator of the department or Emke Molnar (HR) (+31 6 83372689) 
Staff, head, coordinator or instructor: your supervisor or Emke Molnar (HR) (+31 6 83372689).

Many schools that offer higher education only allow a small percentage of their student body into their buildings. Why does DAE allow all students to come? 
DAE is blessed with the advantage of having large floors instead of traditional classrooms and lecture halls. Which is why we are much more flexible in re-designing our spaces.  

During the summer, the layout of the floors has been altered, and all spaces normally used for exhibitions, lectures and assessments will now be mainly used for education. This is a total of 3,500 m2. (WitteDame Hall, MU Space, and second half of 3rd floor).  

Does DAE follow all the given rules by the Dutch health institution RIVM? 
The rules that are given to DAE by the RIVM are leading. To follow these rules is the only option for DAE to remain open and to provide a safe environment. It is therefore of great importance that each and every one of us complies with these rules.  

Is our building, DeWitteDame, appropriately equipped concerning ventilation in relation to Covid-19? 
DAE has a ventilation system that brings fresh air into the building. Used air is blown out of the building via a separate channel. We do not have a recirculation system. 

Our DeWitteDame is an iconic building and it has some advantages during this corona period, such as the huge floor space that we can allocate to education. But optimum ventilation is a challenge. So we invited experts to measure it and advise us. We received their advice and of course (like all buildings in the Netherlands) there is room for improvement, which we are working on. We will be increasing the air intake capacity to its maximum and some parts of the system and machines (hardware) require attention. We are in negotiations with our landlord about this. Combining keeping windows and doors open, preferably those opposite each other, will support our measures. After analysis and discussion, we came to the conclusion that our occupancy rate does not yet need to be adapted. If and when that becomes necessary, we will inform you accordingly and adjust our educational time slots.

Needless to say that these efforts will only have effect if we stick to the rules of 1.5m distancing, regularly wash our hands, cough in our elbow and stay home when we have (mild) symptoms.  

Are we obliged to wear a facemask? 
No. The Dutch government only requires facemasks to be worn in public transport. There is no obligation to wear a facemask in schools, but you may wear a facemask if you wish.

I am a Bachelor student, how are the starting times of our classed decided?  
In July, all BA heads have received an email asking which time would suit them most. We have tried to take this into consideration as much as possible. 

Is it possible to postpone my studies?
Answer Bachelors:  It is possible to defer your admittance for one year. If you want to postpone, you can send an email to and state the reason for your request. 

Answer Masters:  It is possible to defer your admittance for one year. If you want to postpone, you can send an email to and state the reason for your request. 

You have to pay the deposit of €500 to be sure we keep your place for next year. 

Next year we will settle the deposit with the tuition fee. 

If you have already postponed one year, is it possible to postpone a year again due to Corona? 
This depends on so many different factors. We refer directly to our student counsellor.  

Are the tuition fees and/or institutional tuition fees going to change? 
The tuition fees for the academic year 2020-2021 are set. You can find them on the website. They will not change. 

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And of course check the possibilities in your home country. 

The academy cannot provide scholarships. 
Can students use the financial support from the Dutch government? Are there any scholarships you can get from school? Do they have any other suggestions concerning financial support? 
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