Our alumni association is a platform for all graduated designers who had their education at the Design Academy Eindhoven (named until 1997: Academie voor Industrièle Vormgeving).  The academy was founded in 1947 and includes at present more than 1600 alumni. Our platform is a tool to intensify the relation amongst alumni themselves and between the alma mater.

Alumni and Design Academy Eindhoven will publish their exhibitions and events, show their portfolios and insert vacancies. The platform organises a program with lectures and workshops, exclusively for alumni. The annual Graduation Show with a Homecoming Day is included in the programme. The catalogue can be ordered on special alumni reduction by the website.

Design Academy Eindhoven attaches much value to contacts with her alumni. In this way she can get information about the present interests for the future of the professionals and other important needs. The association communicates with her members the many vacancies offered to Design Academy Eindhoven. After permission by the alumnus industry may see the portfolio. Since industry often appeals to the Design Academy Eindhoven the association is intermediate in bringing different projects with Friends of the Academy to the notice of (young) designers.

In short, an active and dynamic association, offering a platform to her members.

More alumni at Design Academy Alumni LinkedIn.

Honkie Chan

Kim van Leuken_alumnus