Graduation Project 2013

Vytautas Gecas

Department: Contextual Design

Subjectivity of Design

‘We’re all individuals!’

What is the value of subjectivity? What part does it take in design? What is selfishness? How influential is it - or should be - on a designer?

Man does not exist ‘in general’. He is always an individual, a unique entity, differing from everybody else in character, temperament, talents, dispositions. The duty of being alive is the same as the duty to become oneself, to develop into the individual one potentially is.

Can this also be true for designed objects?

‘Subjectivity as a value’ is the initial statement of my research, the question that drives my thesis and my design project. As a starting point I took myself as a core of work. Subsequently I chose existing, archetypal ‘things’, such as a table, a cupboard, and imagined for each one of them: what would the object really want to be? How could the object become a selfish object?

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Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven
Photographs: Femke Rijerman