Graduation Project 2015

Mahafrin Rustomjee

Department: Social Design

Enter in Solemnness

This research examines the impact objects and spaces have on the individual and sets out to identify what exactly is it that ‘moves us’. The approach is to consider how design could play a role in the creation of an experience, acting as an agent/facilitator, to trigger a sense of sublime immersion. The research and the design come together in the creation of a Light experience. Light grants a space a sense of dimension and time yet is entangled in social practices as well as sensations of space, security, spirituality and homeliness.

It is widely recognized that the CFL bulb changed the atmosphere in people’s homes, that it altered the visual infrastructure of our spaces. This type of light casts a grey-bluish aura in a space, and they often were used to replace the warm, reddish glow of incandescent light bulbs that more closely reproduce the effect of daylight. This kind of subtle difference can make huge impacts on our physiological and mental state of being. At the moment most lights are designed with the intention of making us more effective at work and therefore they fail to take into consideration a more soothing wavelength. The design of this Light experience allows us to immerse ourselves and experience stillness in our homes. The color temperature of the light influences the biology of the individual during the interaction and results in a physical impact, a sense of relaxation, on the mental state of that individual. An experience of Solemnness in your home is thus created.

Copyright Design Academy Eindhoven

Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven
Photographs: Lisa Klappe