Kristofers Reidzāns


Prizes: Melkweg Award Nominee

Department: Man and Activity

Vice Versa

With his range of double-purpose products 'Vice Versa', Kristofers Reidzāns has synthesised clothing archetypes and architectural shapes. His three interior pieces undergo a metamorphosis when draped around the body. A wall tapestry that improves the acoustics in a room becomes an overcoat, a gauzy curtain turns into a loose flowing shirt and a room divider can be a voluminous vest. Sculptural in scale when they function as objects in an interior, yet adaptive to the human body, they illustrate Kristofers' exploration of the cutting edge. Don't hide your clothes in a closet. Put them in the spotlight.

Copyright Design Academy Eindhoven

Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven
Photographs: Femke Rijerman