Raymond Hu

Department: Design Curating and Writing

Camera Ephemera

Since the invention of photography in 1839, camera and reproduction alike have shaped the way we see the world. Today, in the digital era, the feedback loop has accelerated exponentially. Long regarded as a truthful means of representation, the camera is now the optical organ of the computer − the eye of the artificial mind. And as the lens has been absorbed by the smartphone, it has grown more powerful and more omnipresent.
The fact that we collectively snap and share more photos than ever before simply shows that the camera, like the proverbial furniture, has faded into the background of everyday life. As much a black mirror as it is a black box, the smartphone foreshadows the dematerialisation of the computer into the cloud. Where does that leave the camera?
‘Camera Ephemera’ by Raymond Hu investigates this ultracontemporary topic, yet the research project raises as many questions as it answers. What becomes of man when machine takes over behind the lens? Will artificial intelligence use cameras the same way that we do? Can the full richness of reality ever be captured and measured with algorithmic accuracy? What, exactly, are we losing sight of?

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Photographs: Angeline Swinkels