Aleksandra Jakuć

Department: Contextual Design


“I see a great opportunity in the fact that there is no single fixed definition of design, and that it stretches into different disciplines and senses”, says Aleksandra Jakuć. Taking this as her approach to her professional field, she began working on her sound carriers, from a desire to connect design and electronic music. ‘Metal Sounds’ represents the first steps toward a platform where design, technology and electronic music all come together.
Taking metal as her material, Aleksandra has gone in search of new ways to appeal to both human sight and hearing in music, while also exploring the relationship between mechanical and electronic sound. A key factor in mechanically produced sound is movement. For each object in the series she has departed from the notion that a specific form of motion produces a specific sound: shaking, for instance, has a different dynamic than stroking.
To involve and activate listeners/viewers in the music making process she has used the latest in technology, collaborating with students from the mechatronic and electronic department of Fontys University of Applied Sciences.

Copyright Design Academy Eindhoven

Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven
Photographs: Ronald Smits