Megan Elisabeth Dinius

Department: Design Curating and Writing


What should we learn if Google knows everything? Prompted by this question, Megan Elisabeth Dinius explored the complicated and ambiguous relationship between education and design. In addition to creating things like furniture, environments, didactic props and tools, design is also used in subtler ways to shape the conditions for learning. Looking into education with a wide field of view, Megan opens up the debate on the problems and inadequacies of an aging public education system.
The outcome of her research is a proposition for an exhibition and one-year forum on education. ‘Field.trip’ aims to create a cross-disciplinary platform where students and specialists come together for a blueprint of 21st-century education. By combining spaces that evoke school architecture with a live archive and forum space, exhibition and education merge into one seamless experience – becoming a valuable resource for professionals and amateurs alike.

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