Agnieszka Mazur

Department: Contextual Design

Body of Construction

These unusual looking seats combine an unexpected use of material with an exploration of physical posture. “Why do we always hide joints and seams in design, and what would happen if we show them?” Agnieszka Mazur wondered. She decided to explore alternatives, using metal rods and hot glue and taking her own body as a guide.
For her ‘Body of Construction’ project she began by exploring exaggerated, overly visible connections. From this focus on every single, particular joint she arrived at these gradually built pieces of furniture that reflect the natural positions of the body. In the open framework, the glued joints started taking a prominent visible role, which Agnieszka recognised makes the user more aware of the value of both the joinery and the material. Does exposed joinery make us feel more assured about the structures? Or does it make us question their safety?
The glue does more than bind alone; it also flows, creating unsuspected and highly expressive joints and surfaces. She decided to maximise their prominence, turning a purely functional material, usually hidden from sight, into the defining, identifying characteristic of her object.

Copyright Design Academy Eindhoven

Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven
Photographs: Femke Rijerman