Christian Cooper

Department: Social Design


This revolving steel circle is Christian Cooper’s physicalisation of the heavy traffic of active man-made frequencies in the ether. Christian wants to point out this unnatural pulse resonating not just in the world around us, but in our bodies as well, because it may give some indication about the direction of our development as a species.
“When the first humans crawled out of the primal waters, they developed the skills they needed by tuning their nerve system to certain frequencies,” says Christian. “In order to be able to hunt, they needed to see and hear, and so they tapped into the frequencies of light and sound.” The project takes the noisy oscillations that we do not hear as an example to ask questions about where evolution may be taking us next. Before we developed sight and hearing, light and sound were unimaginable concepts. In a similar vein, the abilities that future generations will develop are just as unfathomable for us.
Christian wonders if our increasing need to be connected is an indication of what may come next. What are the frequencies of connectedness that we will be tapping into? The rotating installation may be sounding them out as you stand inside it. Perhaps you can hear the future calling in ‘The Cacophony of Frequency’.

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Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven
Photographs: Photo by Designer