Jānis Melderis


Department: Man and Communication

Emīls Melderis - the virtual exhibition

This immersive virtual reality experience explores the artwork of Emīls Melderis: a famous Latvian sculptor and the grandfather of Jānis Melderis. Jānis contextualises his grandfather’s sculptures, placing their 3D-scanned reproductions within different digital landscapes, forming narratives and revealing different layers of information encoded in the art. The flax harvester is linked to the war of independence that was financed with crop yields; constructive, cubistic forms are inspired by the primitive tools used in the Latvian countryside; and a beautiful Lynx is actually made from the leftovers of smashed political busts, symbolising the suppressors’ tyranny. Hidden stories come to life as you float through this virtual exhibition.

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Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven
Photographs: Photo by Designer