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TweetId: 1049960800578879488 DesignAcademyEindhoven DAEnews DAEnews Last years Dutch Design Week attracted 335,000 visitors. DDW 2018 promises to be another big year of design with th… 10-10-18 09:52
TweetId: 1049256349060804610 DesignAcademyEindhoven retweeted Z E T T E L E R _ZETTELER_ _ZETTELER_ "The benefit of being a ‘Dutch designer’ is that we can experiment a lot – we don't have to follow the given path.… 08-10-18 11:13
TweetId: 1048547139041878016 DesignAcademyEindhoven DAEnews DAEnews #DAEstudent Noa Jansma Wins Gouden Kalf for Best Interactive Media Production 06-10-18 12:14
TweetId: 1047098386422345728 DesignAcademyEindhoven DAEnews DAEnews Design Academy Eindhoven & @vanabbemuseum present GEO-DESIGN: Alibaba. From here to your home.… 02-10-18 12:18
TweetId: 1046698108858617856 DesignAcademyEindhoven retweeted Dutch Design Week dutchdesignweek dutchdesignweek Travelling to #DDW18 by train? Get your @NS_online + DDW ticket now via 01-10-18 09:47
TweetId: 1045264492467310592 DesignAcademyEindhoven DAEnews DAEnews Design Academy Eindhoven presents G18_Graduation Show 2018. The first edition in almost two decades to take place o… 27-09-18 10:50
TweetId: 1043033782788321280 DesignAcademyEindhoven retweeted Hague Talks HagueTalks HagueTalks Neutrality is the new colour of internationality! How can neutrality be visualised in the symbol of #Peace and… 21-09-18 07:06
TweetId: 1040134111371952128 DesignAcademyEindhoven retweeted Peter Kentie peterkentie peterkentie #Eindhoven and @dutchdesignweek in top 5 destinations architecture and design lovers should visit in October 13-09-18 07:04
TweetId: 1039808470533500929 DesignAcademyEindhoven DAEnews DAEnews @ColinKeays @joseph_grima Hi Colin, we understand your concern, however, most of this is already taken by creatives… 12-09-18 09:30
TweetId: 1038721172391772160 DesignAcademyEindhoven DAEnews DAEnews Eleven DAE master graduates, selected by the founding father of @droogamsterdam and the Masters department of DAE,… 09-09-18 09:30