On "Notes on Ghosts, Disputes and Killer Bodies"

15:31 Isabel Mager on Tabita Rezaire

For Milan Design Week 2017 #DesignAcademyEindhoven published the reader Notes on Ghosts, Disputes and Killer Bodies.  In it are articles, interviews and snippets of what went on behind-the-scenes of our show #TVclerici. The reader reveals the underlying conversations, inspirations, controversies, narratives and points of view students and contributors explored in the making of the show. It also reveals how the positions taken by our students connect to what is going on in the world, beyond the safe confines of the academy. 

In this section of the website read how some of our students and #TVclerici participants have reacted to these pieces. Here read new media artist Tabita Rezaire’s essay, Ultra Vibes and a response by 2016 Man and Well-Being graduate Isabel Mager.

Ultra Vibes by Tabita Rezaire


Babe I can’t deal

I know

Like for real

I know

Why do we keep on dying like we aint shit

Murdered seems more appropriate

Does it tho?

It’s like we won the category ‘best unnecessary death’ or ‘best death to flood my timeline with but to not give a fuck IRL’. I’m so exhausted.

Exhausted of grieving.

Exhausted of scrolling through dead bodies.

Exhausted of our death consumed as entertainment.

The disrespect is deep. Even in death.

Where can we go? Where can we be?



Just imagine living under the ocean


The soothing sounds of the original waters

Or the mute screams of our people again

My dad is afraid of water. He sneezes every times he showers. He doesn’t like to swim, although he grew up by the sea. Actually my whole family on that side doesn’t like water. They don’t even drink it. They say it’s for poor people.  Living that refined sugar life. It’s sad they don’t realize that a group of white men once sat at a table to discuss ways to get Black people to drink exclusively sodas and concentrated juices.

Highest rate of diabetes, highest rate of high blood pressure…

Our basics are screwed.

Do not call me basic, I love juice.

There’s this Japanese guy, Dr Masusu Emoto, who’s been researching the effect of human consciousness on water. He figured that if you pray, sing or play music to water it forms beautiful crystal patterns and can cleanse polluted water.

Apparently water loves Beethoven and the Beatles … lol

Gonna play some djembe drumming to chase the fluoride out of my tap.

We’ve been sleeping on the memory potentials of water.  Water remembers. You can actually store data into water. Ancient hard drive game.

Maybe that’s why Black people don’t swim.

That’s racist.

Yeah sorry.

I mean that the ocean carries too much memory, too much trauma. 

All the lives lost at sea. From the Middle passage to the Mediterranean, our people ’ve been drowning.

Infinite scrolling tears. 

There is also that paranoia around wet hair.

Water warfare. To make us fear and distrust the most powerful tool the earth possesses.

Maybe once you drown you transform into reptilians again and live the high life.

I just want to be in the ocean. It’s the closest to home I’ll ever feel. That’s what a sangoma told me once. I believe her.

I’m ready to believe anything anyway.

My friend is really into the hollow earth theory; apparently there is a Nazi camp inside the earth.

Did you know that the original biblical Jews were Black Africans?

I’d like to be a drake song

Which one?

Any, they all sound the same

Makes me think of the Kemetic word Seneb. It means health but also sound or rather ‘to be sound’ or ‘to have soundness’.

Our health lies in sound. That’s so beautiful.

Deep. The ancient Egyptians were plugged in. I’m all in for that sound healing.

We need to get back to that high vibration life.

‘Nothing rest, everything moves, everything vibrates’.

The higher your frequency is the closest you are to the divine. That’s why music, chanting and dancing connect you to the spiritual realm; it raises your vibrations and your consciousness. 


We must keep our frequency high cause diseases thrive off lower vibrations.

Some aliens too apparently. 

Do you think vibes is short for vibration?

I often feel like humanity speaks way too much as if words fill the emptiness of our existential anxiety.

‘As for us we don’t use words but sounds filled with power’


I just had one done. I’m not pregnant. My womb is hurting tho, polycystic ovarian syndrome that’s what the gyno said. I guess it’s easier than saying ‘you suffer from thousands of years of trauma against the wombs of your lineage + current reproductive warfare + rape culture + misogynoir + repressed womb wisdom resulting in hormonal imbalances’. Got a print of my womb on my fridge now. It’s cute.

I’ve been thinking a lot about ornament and how it affects the black body. The politics of decorum: vulgar, sassy, exuberant instead of sublime and radical.

Radical ornament is a thing.

I had a dream I was walking up a mountain with a fly ass dress. Like the kind of scene that would make a perfect meme: ‘when you go hiking but still ready to get an Oscar’.

As I climbed up the mountain all I could hear was the sounds of waves, I was feeling so confused. When I got to the top I saw a gong. As I started playing, I remember feeling so light, like the burden of life had just vanished.

When I woke up I went looking for a gong on Amazon.

I found one called Atlantis. It’s a gong that’s been sunk in the ocean so it retains the healing sounds and secrets of the deep sea.

I feel that’s what we need babe.

Image: Tabita Rezaire

Reaction by Isabel Mager


I feel you.


We think we know so much.

Thou it seems we forgot—in this flood of informative fragments—how to deal—for real. 


What does the media of this self-named developed context do ~ isn’t it this media, that updates each mind day by day, 

isn’t it this media, that needs to update itself—a structural update—an update of its ethos—an erasure of its disrespect towards us—our fellows.


I am white—very much so. 

White body, recognise your position and don’t get paralysed, don’t blog yourself from acting. 

My whiteness is a position for which I have to take accountability and from which I act upon. 

Positioning yourself is key. Dutch schools teach that Racism does not exist—we are open-minded—for real?!?! 


We see the death of our fellows. 

No, you don’t see the death of the white body. 

A bomb in Damascus, Aleppo is a different spectacle then an attack in Paris, Berlin. Let that sit. 

In media we see the dead body of Damascus, not the one of Paris. That’s F___ and why on earth is that? 


I feel you—Atlantis is the place—a radical powerful sound in the deep—high vibration—Ultra Vibe—massage the mind with all that’s inside. Let me wonder, lead my counter-action. 

Healing, overcome broken—emotionally broken—broken entity, how can we act if we feel destroyed inside? Heal! Stop out there the acts of grief and self-centredness.  


Just returned from a stay in South Africa. Looked for a refreshing drink at the airport ~ all stands displayed a wide colourful scheme of drinks //how beautiful—we could say// 

thou if you turn that bottle, you’ll find the one brand that reminds on coca-leaves—on all of them. 

What do we really do? Over-developed—too developed to see that structural harm? 


Oh life shine bright shine light and tell me fairies to forget these quarries.

Comfort is my bliss my passion of endless passivity—blind fold me—protect me from the complex grid of exhausting facts and news—be the funnel for my secret breeze of love 

—my healing tunes and vibes of trust—that I am so unable to share IRL.


Listen white body: 


Our comfort disgusts me. 

Comfort ain’t what let me understand—it ain’t what gets me moving on—it’s the opposite. 

‘Nothing rest, everything moves, everything vibrates.'

That’s it. 


Treat with care those sonic ultra vibes—the gong—you hear it—there—feel—heal