The Era of Khaki

15:09 Guillemette Legrand and Eva Jaeger



A. (Whisper)  Welcome to the era of khaki

Movement: hand behind the back
Image: Black

B. Inhale for 3-2-1 ... exhale 1-2-3 —image a cloud, a thick gaseous layer that surrounds you...imagine your vision is distorted, heightened. 

Movement: Khaki selfie stick out

Movement: Bottom up movement and pause (movie same)
Double selfie stick pausy— 

C. We are living in the Era of Khaki. Breathe deeply, stay calm. If you don’t let them rial you- we’ll be able to do a lot more. That cloud of confusion  is  actually real complexity. An opacity made of infinate layers of semi-transparent information. Breath deeply and accept the unknown.



Floriane and Deborah
Movement: switch image—yoga/selfie pauses—preaching voice

Khaki est une atmosphère poussiéreuse. Khaki est un composite. Khaki est une atmosphère gazeuse, ni solide ni liquide. Khaki est entre deux couches d informations, d images et de systemes.

Movement: moving the selfie stick up and down following images
Image: moving collage

D. If you embrace this new cloudy state - you will learn to read nuance. Prime yourself for ethical complexity. Khakiness introduces a new average. Forget moral polarities. Forget ethical binaries. In this Era there is no right and wrong, no black and white. Everything is obscured in the Khakiness




Movement: selfie stick down
Image: black

— Qui change l essence de l ethique ? 
— Who is changing the essence of ethics?
— Qui balise notre territoire visuel?
— Who is mapping our visual landscape?




Movement: active in response to imagery (cheerleaders/fight)
Image: collages (post truth, technology)
Drone view:

E. Our vision is hijacked by new technology.  We are shifting our ways of seeing, prioritizing width over depth. This bird’s-eye-view also represents the way we capture ideologies...We have two scales of vision. one is wide and networked. The other is deep.
G. The real facts hide among the “alternative” ones, requiring an understanding of nuance and complexity...



H. Human error interrupts the perfection that technology could offer. Our faults remind us of the tenuous harmony of entropy. 




Floriane and Deborah
Movement: switch slides / yoga/selfie pauses

Khaki courbe la linéarité du spectre ethique. Khaki est une interprétation radiale. La zone grise de l’éthique sera Khaki. Le statu quo ne sera pas un compromis. Ce sera un centrisme radical.

10—Example (beauty)
I. Impurities plague us - on our skin and in our information. We are searching for a deep clean that remains only momentarily. New transparency is defined by an ability wipe away one layer at a time—to see them separately instead of all at once.




Movement: nonchalent attitude (lying on the floor..) 

J. Voice over 2x (60 sec) : ...Well, It’s a kind of routine where we practice radical flexion to avoid extremism. 
(we look for the middle of the middle and center of the left and right)

We’ve been treating ourselves to new routines to promote circulation. We’re so linear all the time, so we’re trying to bend our spectrum of positions.
K. Imagine that you’re driving and you’re glasses are all fogged up and you go to wipe them, but then we breath on them again (sound = “haaaah”) and so you leave them foggy and try to make out what you can. You start to see things a little differently.  You’ll adapt---adjust to this new vision.

11—Anthem song/sound
Movement: equilibrium

Image: Guillemette Legrand and Eva Jaeger



Floriane and Deborah
Movement: yoga/selfie pauses

Khaki est une infiltration de la matière. C’est un bouleversement de nos attentes et de nos besoins. Khaki rend visible toutes les imperfections. Tout devient mat.


Khaki object


Movement: infomercial 

L. The Khaki chair is not a chair. 
The Khaki chair is a stool. 
The Khaki stool is conceived for a 360-degree vision. 
It is multi-directional seating optimized for Khaki decisions. The Khaki stool user stays open to multilateral thoughts. The Khaki stool height varies from 45cm to 100cm depending on how far the Khaki stool user needs to see. This unique Khaki feature enables them to zoom in and out the narrowness of space.