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On Thursday 8 March DAE organizes a special lecture by Anthony Dunne in the auditorium. He will speak about ‘Between Reality and the Impossible’, in the lecture series ‘Ethics & Aesthetics’. There is free entrance, but limited seating available. A reservation is required. The lecture is part of SOURCE, a weekly programme for the Master program at our academy. 

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THURSDAY 8 MARCH (19.30.00-21.00) - AUDITORIUM (opens at 19.00h)
Anthony Dunne: Between Reality and the Impossible
Lecture and interview
(In the lecture series 'ETHICS & AESTHETICS')
Free entrance, limited seating available, reservation required at

English spoken

'The work we do is more at the speculative end of the design spectrum and uses design to pose 'what if' questions about emerging technologies in order to explore what their impact might be on our everyday lives -- both positive and negative. The idea is to use design to help identify desirable futures rather than trying to predict the future, or ignore it.
Once you move into this space you are effectively dealing with fiction, and very different aesthetics come into play. In my talk I will use examples from the Design Interactions programme at the RCA and my own studio to discuss aesthetic issues around crafting design speculations such as make-believe, engagement, suspension of disbelief, and different kinds of thought experiment (eg: counterfactuals, what if, reductio ad absurdum, etc).'

Anthony Dunne is professor and head of the Design Interactions programme at the Royal College of Art in London. He studied Industrial Design at the RCA before working at Sony Design in Tokyo. On returning to London he completed a PhD in Computer Related Design at the RCA. He was a founding member of the CRD Research Studio where he worked as a Senior Research Fellow leading EU and industry funded research projects. Anthony was awarded the Sir Misha Black Award for Innovation in Design Education in 2009.

Dunne is a partner in the design practice Dunne & Raby. His work with Fiona Raby uses design as a medium to stimulate discussion and debate amongst designers, industry and the public about the social, cultural and ethical implications of emerging technologies. The projects of Dunne & Raby include Hertzian Tales, a combination of essays and design proposals exploring aesthetic and critical possibilities for electronic products (MIT Press 2005); Placebo, a collection of electronic objects exploring well-being in relation to domestic electromagnetic fields (2001); and Technological Dreams Series: no.1, Robots (2007). Design Noir: The Secret Life of Electronic Objects was published by Birkhauser in 2001. Their work has been exhibited and published internationally and is in the permanent collections of MoMA, the Victoria & Albert Museum, Frac Ile-de-France and Fnac (Fond national d'art contemporain), as well as several private collections.

Published: 28-Feb-2012 09:45


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  • Lecture Anthony Dunne March 8

    Between Reality and the Impossible, 2010

  • Lecture Anthony Dunne March 8

    Between Reality and the Impossible, 2010

  • Lecture Anthony Dunne March 8