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9 May - Meta & Slow Research
Daniel van der Velden & Rene Boomkens

Reflecting on political and social issues with provocative design objects is the core business of Metahaven, the research studio of Vinca Kruk and Daniel van der Velden. One of the topics they are interested in is the value of design in an unstable geopolitical atmosphere. Design has become a very powerful visual instrument for political thinkers; it is used to carefully craft an identity. But how transparent are these systems? That question drove Metahaven to write the book Uncorporate  Identity in which they reveal some of the complexities and paradoxes that lie within branding strategies. Following this thinking, this year they will publish Black Transparancy in which they will uncover and unravel so called transparent systems.

The lecture of Van de Velden is followed by cultural philosopher Rene Boomkens who, in his latest work Top Kitch and Slow Science, discusses how universities and scientific research facilities are treated as economic forces. What does this mean for research and the critical role of the scientist?


The White Lady programme focuses on the cultural, social and economical context of design with monthly lectures, debates and talks. The programme presents acknowledged design thinkers and makers from in and outside the design discipline. The aim is to explore how design is related to societal developments and vice versa.

The programme is compulsory for bachelor students and open to the public (students have to attend at least 8 lectures).
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Location: Designhuis, Stadhuisplein 3, Eindhoven
Time: All lectures start at 15.30 pm till 17.00 pm
Admission: Free; please register at
Language: English

Published: 02-May-2012 12:03


  • Lecture Velden and Boomkens

    Uncorporate Identity Lecture

  • Lecture Velden and Boomkens

    Uncorporate Identity

  • Lecture Velden and Boomkens

    Poster: Meta and Slow

  • Lecture Velden and Boomkens

    Daniel van der Velden

  • Lecture Velden and Boomkens

    Rene Boomkens