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DAE chair executive board Anne Mieke Eggenkamp will join the mini-symposium Never Mind the Mainstream. This will take place in the Triennale Design Museum on Wednesday April 18 at 1.30pm.This conference will deal with experiment and research in the historical and contemporary design industry/production in Germany and the Netherlands. Including other guests DAE alumna Hella Jongerius and alumnus Jurgen Bey will discuss the roles of experiment and industry in design.   

Line up

  • Aaron Betsky, director of the Cincinnati Art Museum and of the Venice Biennale of Architecture 2008
  • Jurgen Bey, designer and director of the Sandberg Institute / Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam
  • Anne Mieke Eggenkamp, director of the Design Academy Eindhoven
  • Petra Schmidt, design consultant and author
  • Konstantin Grcic, designer
  • Rogier van der Heide, Vice President and Chief Design Officer of Philips Lighting
  • Hella Jongerius, designer
  • Pieter Kool, art director 3D-Design at G-Star Raw
  • Julia Lohmann, designer


  • 14.00h: Opening by Mateo Kries, Director of the Vitra Design Museum, and Els van der Plas, Director of Premsela, the Netherlands Institute of Design and Fashion
  • 14.15h: Talk by Aaron Betsky about Gerrit Rietveld and his influence and relevance to this day
  • 14.45h: Key note Rogier van der Heide, Vice President and Chief Design Officer of Philips Lighting
  • 15.00h: Key note Anne Mieke Eggenkamp, Chair of Design Academy Eindhoven
  • 15.20h: Interview Hella Jongerius by Aaron Betsky
  • 15.45h: Key note Petra Schmidt, design consultant and author
  • 16.00h: Key note Pieter Kool, Art Director 3D Design at G-Star Raw
  • 16.40h: Panel discussion with 4 participants: Konstantin Grcic, Julia Lohmann, Jurgen Bey, Rogier van der Heide
  • Drinks at 17.15h, sponsored by the Dutch consulate in Milan
  • Moderation by Tim Vermeulen (Premsela) and Amelie Znidaric (Vitra Design Museum)
Published: 18-Apr-2012 13:39
  • Never Mind the Mainstream

  • Never Mind the Mainstream

    Anne Mieke Eggenkamp

  • Never Mind the Mainstream

    Aaron Betsky

  • Never Mind the Mainstream

    Els van der Plas

  • Never Mind the Mainstream

    Hella Jongerius

  • Never Mind the Mainstream

    Mateo Kries

  • Never Mind the Mainstream

    Rogier van der Heide