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Kvadrat invited seven international curators to select design talents from seven key regions to celebrate its first and most iconic textile, Hallingdal 65. "Each curator was tasked with selecting designers that would reinterpret the classic textile, developed more than 45 years ago, in a modern context."

Ilse Crawford curated 2 young designers from the Netherlands: Philippe Malouin and Delangeléon.
Hans Maier-Aichen selected designers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, one of them is DAE alumni Thomas Traxler.

Published: 18-Apr-2012 17:12
  • Hallingdal 65

    Constance Rubini Jean Baptiste Fastrez

  • Hallingdal 65

  • Hallingdal 65

    Skidrow chair by Philippemalouin, commisionned by NextLevel Galerie in Paris. Picture by CHarly Leborgne

  • Hallingdal 65

    Hallingdal 65