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Chairwoman Executive Board is putting the interests of Design Academy Eindhoven and students first

Anne Mieke Eggenkamp, Chairwoman of the Executive Board, and the Board of Trustees of Design Academy Eindhoven have agreed that Ms Eggenkamp will be stepping down as Chairwoman of the Executive Board from 1 January 2013 in order to allow the Academy sufficient scope to continue its development as a centre of excellence. Ms Eggenkamp’s decision is in the best interest of the Academy and the students.
Design Academy Eindhoven and the Board of Trustees greatly admire the way in which Ms Eggenkamp has accepted her responsibility towards the Academy in taking  this step.

Effective immediately, Anne Mieke Eggenkamp is handing over her responsibilities and activities as part of the portfolio for Education, including renewal, to Ton Wagemakers. Mr. Wagemakers is a delegate from the Board of Trustees who has joined the Executive Board temporarily. DAE’s management will remain in the hands of Igor van Hooff, Member of the Executive Board and Director Operations.

Until the end of 2012 Ms Eggenkamp will remain with DAE settling her current accounts and activities and handing them over. In addition she will continue to perform her activities pertaining to the portfolios for Internationalisation (within Europe as well as worldwide) and business partnerships. She will also stay on as a member of the Topteam Creatieve Industrie and the Dutch Creative Industries Council on behalf of the Academy.

Published: 24-Aug-2012 17:00


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