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Design Academy Eindhoven Alumni Jose Subero and Paula Colchero, Pivot Creative, recently won the Futurotextiles Award 2012, a CETI Advanced Technology in Textile Innovation prize, in Tourcoing France. This award has been in the context of the opening of the Centre Europeen des Textiles Innovants in France and an initiative by Lille design, to stimulate the connection between designers and the textile industry in the north of France.

The designers have created a seat that reinvents the notion of urban furniture with a light and surprising presence. This project, called 'LOOP', is described by the designers as "a long strip of textile that passes through a support ring creating five loops that act as seating". It helps to strengthen social and physical connections in public areas where individual users or groups can then enjoy and relax. In addition to the fun aspect of 'LOOP', this suspended seat also provides a kind of boundary between the person sitting and the environment; the option of retiring from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The international judging panel of the Futurotextiles Awards headed by the designers Matali Crasset and Fréderic Ruyant, reached an unanimous decision to award 'LOOP' the professional CETI High Technology in Textile Innovation prize. Praising the strong potential of this project and the fitting use that could be highlighted in places such as the Euralille tertiary sector.

The 'LOOP' prototypes will be in exhibition at the CETI building accompanying the Futurotextiles 3 exhibition until December 2012.

Published: 25-Oct-2012 13:30


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  • Futuro textiles Award won by Alumni

    'Loop' by Pivot Creative

  • Futuro textiles Award won by Alumni

    'Loop' by Pivot Creative