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During each Dutch Design Week the City of Eindhoven selects projects of design talents, from Design Academy Eindhoven and TU/e, who have developed a social relevant solution for the public domain. This award was given in 2009, 2010 and 2011. The Social Design Talent Award is a great success and deserves continuation. The binding of the students and the universities with Eindhoven (and its social tasks) has increased; with the recognition of these individual talents, the city of Eindhoven supports them in their career and has emphasized the value of design in the public domain. 

From Design Academy Eindhoven the following graduates and projects have been selected for the Social Design Talent Award:

Mickael Boulay (Man and Well-Being), 'Measuring More to Feel Less'
Hikaru Imamura (Man and Activity), 'Novel Hospital Toys'
Barbara Larcin (Man and Leisure), 'SHAeRE'
Lisanne Rozemeijer (Man and Communication), 'Window Stories'
Anne van Strien (Man and Public Space), 'Crossing Borders'
Bennie Meek (Social Design), 'A New Application for Urban Green'
Lynn Schammel (Social Design), 'Autistic Languages'

On Saturday the 27th of October between 11:00hr - 12:30hr the price winner will be announced at Stadhuis (Stadhuisplein, Eindhoven), just after the lectures of the exhibition Design Cares with projects from Design Academy Eindhoven and TU/e.

See full invitation here (NL).

Published: 25-Oct-2012 19:42


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