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Design Debate: "HEALTH: The Next Level"
What game-design offers healthcare  

27 February 2013
Designhuis Eindhoven

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“The Dementia Experience brings compassion to life”.
With this slogan ‘serious game’ company Ijsfontein addresses how playing this game will give an insight into what it means to slowly loose the use of your memory. Serious games can offer valuable insights, induce experiences and are ideal training tools. 

Marlies Schijven, surgeon at the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam and leading expert on appropriating simulation games in health care. She is a proponent for game applications in health as a training tool for surgeons (for instance to train hand-eye coordination) but also to induce experiences or trigger motivational or behavioural change. 
With her smell-research Susana Cámara Leret, research associate at Design Academy Eindhoven addresses these possibilities from a different angle. She targets her research specifically on drug addicts with whom she is exploring which smells recall past fears or provide comfort and self-confidence, improving their well-being by using interactive smell-memory probes.

It is about time we discuss what games can contribute to our healthcare and healthcare research and how we can design successful interactive elements that help us achieve that; games are not just play, they are serious business. 

Marlies Schijven, Surgeon at Academic Medical Center Amsterdam
Susana Camera Leret, research associate Readership Strategic Creativity Design Academy Eindhoven, CRISP G-motiv program.
Jan Willem Huisman, Creative Director, Co-founder and Co-owner at IJsfontein.
Moderator: Sabine Wildevuur, head of Creative Care Lab Waag Society

Published: 20-Feb-2013 11:33


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