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Wednesday, 24-04-2013

Location: Designhuis
Design Debates

The commute from home to the office, our morning ritual and how we spend our weekend, in what order we find our groceries in the supermarket; our lives are full of routines. Because we know our daily routes so well they have turned into routines, we are easily frustrated if these are disturbed by, for instance, traffic diversions. But when we are vacationing we love to break our daily rhythms and are delighted when we stumble upon something we didn’t expect to happen. We choose another breakfast, eat it later or earlier in the day and explore new routes.

Why do we have the urge to seek for a familiar route and why do we have a feeling of relief when we get rid of them? Is it crucial for creatives to break routines or is there a growing market for designing routes and routines? Leading experts in the field of way finding and routines will share their insights on how to design routes and lead people the way. How can we influence people once they have found a routine they intend to stick by? How we can get rid of our routes and why is this essential?

Fenne Roefs
Melle Smets
KCCM (Krijn Christiaansen Cathelijne Montens)

David Hamers

Published: 14-Apr-2013 15:48


Design Debates
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  • Routes and Routines

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